Digital Integration Is Not Just For Lead Generation And Sales Ops! Here's How Account Executives Can Benefit With It!

Digital Integration Is Not Just For Lead Generation And Sales Ops! Here's How Account Executives Can Benefit With It!
Photo : Digital Integration Is Not Just For Lead Generation And Sales Ops! Here's How Account Executives Can Benefit With It!

Do you remember when you had to go door to door convincing people about your product or listening to customer feedback, or using flyers to promote your brand?

These days, thankfully, you do not have to invest much time in traditional means of advertising, PR, lead generation, and sales, or listen to customer feedback. As an account executive, your work is easier than ever before with digital tools to aid you.

Businesses from every sector are implementing innovations and technologies to serve multiple purposes. Digital integration will increase your productivity, enhance customer experience, elevate the marketing level, and keep your business ahead of others. With the help of the right digital tool and its correct implementation, your business will get the lift that it needs. 

Account executives can benefit from digital integration. If your account executive is still stuck with the same old traditional methods, your business will miss several opportunities. If you are an account executive, you should have an idea of the importance of digital integration. 

As an account executive, you are responsible for closing deals with clients. You need to make sure that the advertising agency that you are working for receives a fruitful deal.

The following tips can help you:

Understand the Client Motives Through Pre-Recorded Data

It is essential to understand what the client needs before proceeding any further.

What does the client want to achieve? What is their target audience? Are there any special conditions? How interested are they in working with you?

If you have no answers to these questions, it won't be easy to research and provide a proper demo to move the sale forward and close the deal. Depending on the client, you may even have to skip interaction and push other clients forward.

You can ask the sales development representative to hand over all data regarding the client. You can start from chats, telephone conversations, emails, and other conversations on messaging applications. Digital backups can save you a lot of time and help you search the relevant keywords about your clients.

 Provide a Warm Welcome With Webcam Video

Once the sales development Representative sends you a new lead, you need to provide a warm welcome to the client. You can use a video email to introduce yourself. You can also include the person of contact in the video so that the client does not feel lost without a connection.  

Make sure that the client feels at home and hospitable to work with you. It is essential to build a proper first contact. You can use webcam video and the Internet to communicate with different clients, negotiate with them and finalize deals.

Try to appear presentable in the video. Make use of templates, color correction, and various video effects. Greet the clients courteously.

Research Client Work With Analytics Tools

Whenever you need to do solid research about the client's work, you also need to research the target audience, look at competitor sites, and find important statistical data through analytics.

You also need to go through the client website and learn about the products you need to advertise. Learn the special functions of the products and incorporate them in your advertisement video in a narrative format that highlights their importance in life. If the client is providing a service, make sure to point out how their service is beneficial to customers.

It will help you to come up with an innovative idea that will help to boost the sales of your clients. With the knowledge, you can put forth an advertising campaign that is well within the budget and provides quality service for the customers.

Make Sure That The Client Can Find Details About Your Company

As an Account Executive, you need to make sure that the clients can easily search for your company website. Use SEO tools to rank up higher in searches and mend broken links on the website. Make sure that the website showcases your advertising agency as a brand that the clients can rely on.

Just as you research your clients, they also want to check out your website. Ensure that it is up to date.

Provide Demo Videos That Showcase Your Expertise and Creativity

It is time to impress the clients with sample advertisements and demo videos. You can provide short 5 second GIFs that showcase your creativity to develop adverts.

It is essential to have a good video editor to help create videos that make an impact. If you have video analytics and SEO tools for keyword and demography analysis, you can use them to inflate sales. Show previous sales as a reference.

Send content relevant videos so that the client can easily decide to prefer your services. Make personalized videos for clients to garner their attention.

While making video content, always include a 'Call-To-Action' button to generate more leads. If you have free video editing software, it will become easier to create professional video content.

Do a Little Bit of Digital Marketing Magic on Your Video

Make sure that your videos are optimized for different platforms. Every video platform has a different algorithm and standard video size. If you have a good video editor, it will allow hassle-free switching between videos with different aspect ratios.

Use video analytics to find relevant tags and keywords. Collect client email ids and use them later for providing offers via mail.

You can try anything from going live on social media for promotion, providing offers on leading websites, running countdown deals for your services, and more. Your intention must be to convert your business to a brand.

 Use a Screen Recorder to Get a Video Testimonial

Do not leave your clients after the work is over. If you have done a great job at the project the client provides, their response will be valuable input. Other clients may want to check reviews of genuine buyers.

Ask your clientele to add in a good word for you with a testimonials video. You can also ask them to write down reviews on online forms and upload videos on applications and sites such as Hubspot, YouTube, and social media.


As an Account Executive, digital integration of the business is a must. From brand building to customer engagement to analytics, data integration can help your business prosper in numerous ways. It is time to embrace the future and go digital.

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