Discard your Mattress When you Find its Sagging or Feels Uneven

Discard your Mattress When you Find its Sagging or Feels Uneven
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Sleep deprived people always face health issues. We have seen kids who don't sleep well at night and therefore sleep during the day in class. This reduces their learning ability and their brain functions slow, resulting in failures and embarrassment. Also, adults who aren't able to sleep at night tend to wake up lethargic all day long. They take caffeine to stay awake and perform well in the office and at home. This might be good for some time but in the long run this can be harmful. 

Caffeine is good for health but excess intake can lead to various problems. Thus, no matter what a person should make sure that he/she gets eight to 10 hours of sleep a day. In case, that person is unable to sleep properly for a day or two, then he or she should ensure that they compensate the next day. Less sleep for an adult can also become risky when they are driving. They might not be active and doze off while on steering which can put their life at risk. 

Doctors say that sleep disorder is also one reason for obesity. If you don't take proper sleep your digestive system becomes irregular and you face problems like constipation. Thus, you start gaining weight abruptly. As you know obesity can also result in diabetes and several sorts of heart related problems. Therefore, try not to skip your bedtime. If you can be strict with your work ethics then try to follow the same rules for your sleep. 

To get sound sleep, your bedroom plays a vital role. Your mind and body should relax but to relax, your surroundings should also be comfortable. A comfortable bedroom with dim lights at night, dark curtains so that sunlight doesn't disturb your sleep and a comfortable bed is what you need to get sound sleep. There can be many more other things that you think of but these three are majorly important. 

A mattress is the most important element that has to be taken into consideration. An uneven mattress or tough mattress doesn't give you a comfortable sleep. Even your sleeping position determines if you can get proper sleep or not. Simply buying any mattress doesn't solve your purpose because every individual in the family has different structure therefore their mattress also needs to be different. 

You could also check out the best cooling mattress for hot sleepers introduced by the top mattress manufacturers. If you ever want to know about various brands and reviews about different mattresses then visit online at Newsweek. They have the best and unbiased reviews about all brands. You can also get mattresses for sale on their website. Since they believe in sleep science, they ensure that people are aware of various problems related to sleep deprivation. 

There are different kinds of mattress available in market -

  • Memory Foam

  • Innerspring

  • Gel

  • Latex

  • Hybrid

Memory Foam

This mattress is made of polyurethane that makes perfect shape for your body when you rest on it. It can also come back to its firm shape after you instantly get up from it. The biggest advantage of this is that it allows anybody to slip on it and it takes the shape of it. Whether you sleep sideways or on your stomach it gives you the comfort that you're looking for. 

They last longer than any other mattress because they don't contain any spring that can make noise after some years. These mattresses don't need replacement for at least fifteen years but you can turn it on your bed after every six months, so that it doesn't take the form of your body at one place. 


They have steel coils inside in the form of spring. The entire mattress has various coils which are covered with foam or fibers. The top covering can be anything like memory foam, gel, latex etc. They don't last more than ten years maximum. However, if you've a high-quality mattress and have spent some real good money then it might take another five years for you to replace it. Inner spring throws back the foam when you get up from bed. However, if you buy a poor-quality material then get ready for screeching noise. 


This mattress has memory foam which is infused with gel. This gel form helps in distributing heat and provides cool sleep. They help in circulating air which doesn't retain heat inside. This mattress can last for fifteen years. If you rotate them at regular intervals then it might last longer. 


Latex mattresses are considered hard or firm which may not be comfy for senior citizens, but it is very durable compared to other mattresses. If latex is constructed with dense fiber or foam then its durability lasts longer. Latex was initially very difficult to find hence its price was quite high, but due advance technology now its production has increased which has also reduced its price. The best part is that it doesn't put pressure when your spouse is moving or tossing, this gives you sound sleep. 


It is a combination of foam and innerspring. This provides you multiple benefits of best quality coil and memory foam. Instead of memory foams some companies use gel as a layer. The inner springs reduce motion when you toss on bed and foam gives you comfort on your joints. Since these springs are pocketed coils therefore air circulates in it keeping you cool the entire night. 

If you aren't aware of all kinds of brands and features then visit online. Not many understand when it is the right time to switch the mattress. Here are some signs that indicate for new - 

  • Every morning you will have back and neck pain which means your mattress isn't providing full support to your body. If you're uncomfortable on your bed, then you'll keep tossing till you wake up restless. 

  • If you feel that whichever side you sleep, you still roll to the middle or you feel twisted while lying on bed, then your mattress is sagging. This can be dangerous as it is putting tension on your body and there can be serious back, neck or shoulder aches that would be unavoidable in future. 

  • If your partner is tossing the whole night thereby disturbing you as well, it means your mattress no longer has motion transfer in it. This cannot be corrected and therefore the only solution is replacement. 

  • Long usage of mattress leaves stains and dirt on it which can be unhygienic and allergic to few people at home. Regular cleaning is necessary but not all foam can be cleaned properly because certain dust gets accumulated inside the foam which cannot be removed even with a vacuum cleaner. 

  • If you have gained weight in later times then your mattress has tolerated a lot of weight which has put a lot of pressure on it at some places. This can also bend your mattress, but some can be tossed upside down instead of replacing that also brings it back to normal. 

  • Long term usage of mattress breaks the comfort layer into pieces, so if it has been years and you suddenly realize that you feel good in a hotel or your friend's bed after lying then you really need a brand-new mattress for your bedroom. 

  • The durability of your mattress solely depends upon the brand, manufacturer and material they're using. Normally a mattress doesn't last for more than eight years, but if you have bought an expensive product which gives you a warranty of at least 25 years then you might like to wait and see why you have this severe back ache. 

  • If you have kids at home who love jumping on bed, then you should be prepared for a new expenditure or your partner is overweight then you cannot imagine for your mattress to last long. Excessive wear and tear also results in quick damage of products. 

To conclude, your mattress should always be in a good shape no matter what. You cannot compromise on your health by saving some money in your pocket. Sometimes changing pillows also helps, which can of course, help in saving money. Hence before arriving at a decision of buying a new mattress try everything else that can satisfy your needs. 

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