Ferrari SF90 Stradale Dubbed as World's Fastest Production Straight-Line Car?

Ferrari SF90 Stradale
Photo : Screenshot from DragTimes' Official YouTube Channel

Ferrari's SF90 Stradale has seen deliveries just recently according to some reports. And it could be dubbed as the fastest production car in the world in a straight-line slate.

Carscoops has reported that the latest Ferrari addition has been tested a known YouTuber named Brooks Weibslat who was known from the DragTimes YouTube Channel. He was able to drive the car because of his friend who is based in Puerto Rico. Yet even his trip to the mentioned country could be far enough, it might be a worthy one because of his experience drive testing the SF90 Stradale.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale's Performance

As he began to test out the Ferrari hybrid supercar in the streets of Puerto Rico, it just went on to a mesmerizing 60 miles per hour in just a time span of around 2.1 seconds. Also, it set a performance of 9.2 seconds to hit one-fourth mile which is the period in which it still has a full tank of gas.

Some car fans and enthusiasts compare the performances of the Ferrari car to the other straight-line supercars on the world today. It includes the McLaren 765LT which was revealed to the public just last March 2020. Brooks himself also tested out the car last December 2020 in the same YouTube channel, and the comparisons between the two supercars were highlighted and noticed deeply.

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Comparison with the McLaren 765LT

In terms of both car's performances, the SF90 Stradale has set a higher note on this one, beating the McLaren 765LT in the speed aspect. As tested by Brooks in Miami two months ago, the McLaren 765LT has listed its bets record and went up to 0-60 miles per hour in a time span of 2.6 seconds, while its one-fourth mile test has determined a speed of around 9.88 seconds. This has put the SF90 Stradale on top of the McLaren auto.

Yet there was another test that Brooks did to compare again the cars in terms of performance, but he only did try it on the McLaren 765LT.  As mentioned by Auto Evolution, he tested both cars on a Draggy GPS-based performance meter when he was driving the car on the way back home to the US. It listed a performance at around 9.88 seconds and 146 miles per hour (235 kilometers per hour). Though things were just heating up with this one around the corner.

The McLaren 765LT then went up to as fast as a lightning when described, after engaging to 9.4 seconds listing of its performance on the road. It was backed by such Toyo R888R tires on all parts of it. But even if this was put into place, the SF90 Stradale of Ferrari still marked a tremendous performance, and by doing the same thing to it just like how the McLaren 765LT's Draggy testing took place, we might just how the former could beat the latter one. 

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