Path of Exile 2 is expected to release in early 2022

Path of Exile 2 is expected to release in early 2022
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After the massive success of Path of Exile, developers are working on its sequel expected to release somewhere in 2022. Everyone is familiar with the huge success of Path of Exile that offers the traditional ARPG gameplay and available on multiple platforms for free. This year, there's no chance of its release, but you can expect the release date. Fans of Action-RPG games are eager to get their hands on the sequel of Path of Exile; probably shouldn't hold their breath. 

Moreover, many game studios have put their releases on hold because of the pandemic, and the same thing happened with "Path of Exile 2." In an interview, the head of Grinding Gear Studio, Chris Wilson has confirmed that the game won't reach your PCs until 2022. Additionally, Wilson said to Cherry RPS Fanzine PC Gamer that the restriction of traveling had stopped the growth of the team, as well as the development of the Path of Exile 2. If you're looking for an alternative game till Path of Exile 2 releases, we would suggest browsing Gamecamp to find the best price for your desired game.

Experience Loot-filled Action RPG

PoE 2 is ready to be a sequel to the most trending Action-RPG video game in the form of its expansion pack. The 2nd title will introduce a storyline that holds seven different actions and each one available alongside the original campaign. Additionally, Path of Exile 2 will release with the following new features, such as:

  • New Ascendancy Classes 

  • New Skill Gem System 

  • New Locations 

  • Some Big Bosses

  • And more

Playable Characters - Ascendancy Classes 

The game retains all players' characters of the previous title, but releases with several modifications and improvements. Furthermore, the game features over 19 extra Ascendancy Classes that will be exclusive to the new plot, but become available to access on Path of Exile once you unlocked all. You should know that the new Ascendancy Classes won't be made to access through the Labyrinths. Each character comes with unique abilities and playstyle that you can use against enemies and their bosses as well. The game keeps POE Gold as its primary currency that you can use to improve your power. Did you know? You can buy Path of Exile Currency at cheaper price at game marketplaces like

Skill Gem System 

The introduction of the Skill Gem System has drastically changed the way you adapt in the previous title. It removes the gem sockets from the equipment to add them to the active skill gems instead. Other additions include the following:

  • Reworked Graphics 

  • Physics-based Rendering

  • Unconfirmed Rework

  • Passive Skill Tree

  • 19 Ascendancy Classes 

Moreover, Path of Exile 2 is expected to land with better features, graphics, and mechanics. When exploring the land, you may use the powerful abilities to get rid of all environmental puzzles and enemies. Somehow, the game would be similar to Diablo, and it is expected the game will be free-to-play following the footsteps of its predecessor. Furthermore, you can use both types of weapons as well as magical spells. The ability to choose your favorite playable character would be in your hand, and upon deciding the character, the game takes you in to navigate the newly introduced environments. 

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