The Best Classic Board Games Online

The Best Classic Board Games Online
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Despite consoles and things like Nintendo Wii and Switch revolutionizing games night, there is no shortage of people who continue to play board games. Physical board games still sell and grace the shelves of homes around the world, but online board games make getting friends (or strangers) together for a game much easier. Below are the best classic board games to play online. 


Scrabble is one of those games whose success has made it part of the popular culture. Featured in movies and television, and available in almost any language you could possibly name, scrabble is now easier to play than ever with the multitude of online versions available. 

Scrabble is not only fun, but it is educational, helping people build their vocabulary and exercise their verbal intelligence. If you haven't played in a while and find yourself struggling to come up with winning word combinations, look into an unscramble helper to get things going. 


Battleship is another one of those games that are etched in our collective consciousness. Battleship was created in 1967 and it has stood the test of time, with hundreds, if not thousands of digital versions hosted on a multitude of websites. This is a one-on-one game, but you can play it with multiple people by hosting round-robbins or tournaments.


At this stage, you really have to specify which version of Monopoly you are talking about as there are so many on the market. Fortunately, almost all of them are available to play online. You can create private rooms by invitation only and get friends and family located on other sides of the city, country, world, or even in another room in the house involved in the game, or you can look for open lobbies and take on random strangers. 


Backgammon is one of the oldest known board games in existence and by far the oldest on this list, dating back to around 5,000 years ago. Players have 15 pieces each that they move across a triangle-covered board by rolling two dice. While the original game was obviously played with stones and wood, you can now play with 1s and 0s in many of the free online rooms. Backgammon is a mix of luck and strategy and has to be up there with Chess as one of the most enduring human creations of all time. 


Again, a game that needs no introduction. Clue is one of those all-night games that can take hours, but with enough good friends, good food, and some libations, it is one of those unforgettable board game experiences. Clue is a game that you need to play face-to-face in order to see your competitors' reactions and body language, so it is a good idea to integrate this game with technology like Zoom or Google Hangouts. 


Another all-nighter, Risk makes generals and Machiavelis out of us all, as you defend what's yours and ruthlessly take what isn't. Risk is one of those games that tends to create highlight reel conversations for friends and family for years to come, understandably making it one of the most popular board games of all time. There are a lot of websites hosting this game, so take your pic. 


Board games might seem old school, and in many ways they are, but they strike a chord in the human psyche that is hard to resist. Even digital natives raised on high-tech modern gaming and consoles still gravitate towards games like risk and monopoly. While they might now be played with keyboards and mouses, modern board game nights can be just as fun and memorable as the ones of old, especially if you are still playing the classics. 

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