Microsoft Ignite's Envisioning Tomorrow :Here's Why You Should Listen to the VP of AI and Innovation Marketing

Microsoft Ignite's Envisioning Tomorrow is Happening on March 2: Here's Why You Should Listen to the VP of AI and Innovation Marketing
Microsoft Ignite's Envisioning Tomorrow is Happening on March 2: Here's Why You Should Listen to the VP of AI and Innovation Marketing Photo : Screenshot From Pxhere Official Website

This coming March 2, Mitra Azizirad, the corporate vice president of the AI and Innovation Marketing over at Microsoft will be expected to deliver the Envisioning Tomorrow keynote presentation at the Microsoft Ignite. Without actually giving away all of the surprises that Microsoft has stored for participants, Microsoft has made a list online of things to expect.

How to register for Envisioning Tomorrow

The Microsoft blog notes about a spoiler alert saying there are actually some mind-blowing demos, opportunities to actually fly a drone, and even a chance for people to win the special edition Microsoft AI flight jacket!

In order to register, go over to this MyIgnite page and click "register now." Once this is clicked, interested participants would be asked to sign into their Microsoft accounts. This is necessary for the registration. Inputting the information and confirming would be the last step.

Why join Envisioning Tomorrow?

1. Participants will learn from Azizirad on how Microsoft approaches new innovation. Together, participants can explore the advances in how they can develop as well as collaborate along with AI systems and even how biotech can revolutionize healthcare and a lot more.

2. Participants will also hear from the Microsoft researchers and customers regarding breakthrough innovations and how the innovations were made real from seeing the world through an alternative perspective.

3. Participants will be SHOWN which particular innovations will be brought to life. Those who are able to join won't just be told but rather shown.

4. Participants will reportedly have the opportunity for them to interact with the given innovations. This means they will be able to fly a drone, challenge a particular AI model, and even make it snow on Azizirad (not joking.)

5. Participants will be given the chance to win one of Microsoft's latest innovations which is the special edition Microsoft AI flight jacket!

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Microsoft Ignite 2021

All of the qualifying individuals taking part in these two have scored mini games as part of the said Envisioning Tomorrow keynote. They should then share that they had played to Twitter coming from the event console this March 2 up to March 5. They will then be entered into Microsoft's sweepstakes.

The company is expected to choose a total of 10 lucky winners entirely at random who will then receive the special edition Microsoft AI at Ignite flight jacket. Check out the complete rules HERE to find out more about the big event happening tomorrow.

Aside from just learning about the next set of innovations that the company has reportedly been working on, participants get to dip their fingers more into what Microsoft is reportedly working on and try out for a chance to win the special edition (which could also be very limited) Microsoft AI flight jacket!

Of course, although the prizes are pretty exciting, Microsoft is expected to roll out some big announcements regarding what the company is doing when it comes to innovation. This is usually the case with the previous Envisioning Tomorrow keynotes as they provide the public a peak into what the company is doing and what the company has achieved.

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