Showing A Little Love to Your Mattress Definitely Pays Off Well

Handy tips to buy the right mattress
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All of us like to have a good night's sleep after a busy day and the only thing that ensures a good sleep is the right mattress. Every individual is unique and so are their requirements when it comes to sleeping. For this reason, there are many types of mattresses available in the market today and picking the right one will ensure that you get a peaceful night's sleep.

Purchasing a mattress can be an overwhelming task. The thing is, there are many points to consider and small details to keep in mind while purchasing one. After all, a mattress is a major investment, and what kind of mattress you select will determine how comfortably you will sleep for the coming years. If you haven't purchased a mattress before, don't worry at all. Here are some handy tips to help you buy the right one.

Handy tips to buy the right mattress

Plan a budget: Definitely a good night's sleep is priceless, but that doesn't mean you go mattress shopping without setting a budget. There are several options available in the market these days so, it is better to determine a budget and look for options accordingly.

Do your research: Doing a little homework can prove to be very helpful. Try to know as much as possible about mattresses. For starters, think of any particular time when you had a great sleep, either at a hotel or a friend's place. This can help you determine as to what exactly you need. There are soft to hard comfort mattresses, and if you know which one you prefer more, it can make the task of selecting one easy.

Pick the right store: You will find mattresses at furniture stores, sleep specialty stores and online stores too. Visit a store which provides you necessary information and guidelines about picking a good mattress. If you are clueless about what store to visit, simply take suggestions from family and friends who have purchased a mattress before.

Only work with professionals: It is extremely important to work with knowledgeable and experienced salespeople. After all, you will want someone to answer all the doubts and queries. If the salesperson you are working with is not providing satisfying answers, it is better to take your business elsewhere.

Take a SLEEP test: Taking a sleep test is inevitable. Simply go to the store and try every mattress which you are interested in. simply takeoff your shoes and lie down on the mattress in different positions. It is recommended that you try to lie down in your normal sleeping position. Also, don't be quick about it. Give it a good 10 to 15 minutes, make sure your body is relaxed and then determine whether the mattress feels comfortable or not.

Take a look inside: Most of the salespeople have a cutaway of the mattresses they are dealing in. Ask for one and try to understand different mattresses and foundation options. Understanding the make of different mattresses might help you understand the exact differences between two mattresses.

Value for money: Buy a good quality mattress and not the cheapest one. If you are on a tight budget, check out deals and discounts available at different stores. Keep in mind that buying a good quality mattress means having a good quality sleep every night.

Consider service quality: Different stores provide different services. Ensure that the one from where you are buying provides good financial and delivery services.

If you have no experience of purchasing a mattress, you can even pick some of the best mattresses depending on online reviews. There are blogs that have reviews and suggestions of many users. Go through these reviews and check out how different types of mattresses and brands worked for different people.

Starting on the right footing

Once you have selected the mattress of your dreams, it is crucial that you get it installed properly. Most of the buyers will ask professionals to do the job. However, if you are planning to do it yourself, make sure to go through the manufacturer's manual and follow every step accordingly. Remember, improper installation will simply ruin the experience of your new sleep set.

Maintenance measures

As soon as you have installed your new mattress, make sure you do everything to keep it in good condition. A healthy mattress is equal to healthy sleep. Here are some basic dos and don'ts about maintaining a mattress.

Rotate it regularly: Unless there are mattress instructions which indicate otherwise, it is important that you rotate your mattress regularly. Rotate it end to end and even flip it over if it is alright to do so.

Proper ventilation: If you experience a weird product odor, simply leave your mattress and its foundation uncovered for a night. Let it breathe in the fresh air and it will surely do the trick.

Using a proper support is important: A sturdy support ensures that your mattress will stay in good health and shape. Use a high-quality bed frame with strong center support which will prevent the mattress from breaking or bowing.

Cover your mattress well

Just like us, mattresses need a tight hug too. A good quality mattress is a huge investment, so, do everything necessary to protect your investment.

Mattress protectors, encasements and pads prolong the mattress life and keep them safe from dust, dirt and stains. Mattress covers can be flame resistant, anti-microbial and hypoallergenic. These covers even keep dust mites and bedbugs away.

Just like mattresses, mattress covers and protectors are available in different sizes. In fact, they are also available for crib mattresses. A waterproof mattress protector will definitely prove worthy in the long run. Also, a mattress protector is an important thing for any college student since they are about to use a mattress which is previously used by a different person.

Besides, most mattress covers and protectors are machine washable. So, you need not to worry about their maintenance.

How to keep your mattress clean?

Usually, mattress protectors will ensure that there are no stains on your mattress. However, if you don't buy one, here are some basic points to keep in mind about cleaning a mattress.

Firstly, don't use any harsh cleaning agents on the mattress. If there is a stain, try to clean it with a damp cloth and that will be all. If the mattress is damp, sprinkle some baking soda on it in order to absorb the moisture and then later just vacuum it.

You can use some mild soap and cold water to remove the stains, but don't even think about soaking your mattress in water completely. Keep in mind that this will do more damage than good.

Saying Goodbye

Unlike an electronic gadget, the mattress doesn't suddenly stop working, but you have to check for the signs that it is time to replace the old one. Mattresses are tricky when it comes to replacement. In fact, it will get more comfortable after use, and therefore there is a basic 7 to 8 years limit set to it.

The seven - eight-year limit

How well and for how long your mattress lasts depend on its quality, frequency of usage and overall maintenance. Usually a mattress needs to be replaced in 7 to 8 years. Well, this again a general rule of thumb and there are chances that your body might need a new mattress before the seven-year mark.

This is because, as time passes, and our body changes, so do our sleeping needs. Therefore, if you feel the need to change your mattress at any point of time, it is completely alright to let go of the old one and get a new one.

To ensure that this is the right time to replace your mattress, simply check if -

●       You wake up with pains, aches, numbness and stiffness.

●       You are tired even after a full night's sleep.

●       You realize that you got a better sleep in some other mattress.

●       Your mattress shows visible signs of overuse.

●       Your mattress is seven years old or older.

All of us love our mattresses and thus taking good care of it is pretty much important. Showing a little love to your mattress will ensure that you get a comfortable and healthy night's sleep for years and years. After all, a happy mattress is equal to a happy and well-slept mattress owner. So, if you are struggling with your sleep, simply go mattress shopping and get a good one for yourself, and ensure its proper maintenance. 

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