Chanel App AI: Turn Your Camera into a Lipstick Scanner to Find the Perfect Shade!

Chanel has announced a new application to help people find the shade which they noticed that another person wears, effectively allowing them to identify the exact color with its Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The Chanel Lipscanner app will help people look for the perfect shade that they would like to try and use, all of which coming from its lineup.

The application from the popular French fashion house--world-renowned for its designer and luxury apparel--will soon be available to be of use to everyone. Sure enough, it is a great news for women looking for the shade they saw from someone or guys who wants to find the shade their special someone is using without asking them.

Looking for the perfect lipstick shade is hard, and it has been more difficult during the coronavirus pandemic where physical touch is discouraged.

Shading a lipstick requires users to try or swipe a shade on their forearms to see if it matches the skin tone of a person. COVID-19 has restricted this discipline, along with going out to beauty and makeup stores to check out the latest products from a person's favorite brand. Moreover, searching the internet for specific shades is truly a difficult task.

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Chanel Lipscanner App: AI Determines the Perfect Shade

During the pandemic, and earlier than that, Chanel has debuted the "Chanel Try On" Virtual Makeover Experience, which helps a person try on a variety of products that match one's aesthetic. This is one of the artificial intelligence that was debuted by the French fashion company to help people for their new looks.

Chanel Try On
(Photo : Chanel via Screenshot)

However, that does not end there. As reported by Engadget, Chanel will soon debut another artificial intelligence application that would help in identifying shades of lipstick for user reference. Here, Chanel would determine the specific shade from either another person, an object, or a screenshot image of a person wearing the lipstick.

Not only that, Chanel will do users the honor of finding the lipstick shade on its massive library of cosmetics, directly recommending the shade, product, and its other details for the knowledge and idea. The Lipscanner app will also have the Chanel Try On Virtual Makeover Experience from the company, completing the experience for the users.

Chanel's Lipscanner App Is a 'World-First for Smart Beauty'

(Photo : Chanel via LinkedIn)

"Smart Beauty" is usually frowned upon as users believe and stand by the ideology that technology cannot fully replicate the experience and look of having to try cosmetic products. However, Chanel's latest AI should help users in determining shades and avoid the hassle of searching the web for the specific shade seen on different images or people.

Chanel's Lipscanner app aims to be a "world-first" in smart beauty, as quoted by Engadget. Notably, Chanel's effort for smart beauty is aimed at millions of its fans, users and enthusiasts globally, which appreciates the French beauty house's products.

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