Keychron K8 Mechanical Keyboard Gets Positive Early Reviews-Perfect for Both Mac and Windows!

Keychron K8 Mechanical Keyboard Gets Positive Early Reviews-Perfect for Both Mac and Windows!
Learn more about the Keychron K8 mechanical keyboard which apparently does good for both Mac and Windows. Photo : Austin V/YouTube

The quest on finding the perfect mechanical keyboard can be quite a daunting task, as it is easy to lose grasp of what really works well since there are a lot of preferences and build types along the wide array of selections. What's even more difficult is finding a mechanical keyboard that could work perfectly for both Mac and Windows. The Keychron K8 mechanical keyboard, however, might be what users are looking for.

The Keychron K8 mechanical keyboard is reportedly priced at $69, which is quite refreshing since a lot of mechanical keyboards usually start off above the $100 mark, according to the story from DigitalTrends. Users can also change the control from Windows to Mac and vice versa. The two different operating systems then place their modifier keys (like Alt or Command) in different places. This makes the switch easier while avoiding extra presses.

Comfortable Typing

The Keychron K8 is supposedly a full-sized keyboard in a "ten-key-free" layout. It is quite compact compared to the larger mechanical keyboards that could be hard to travel with and also tend to clutter desks. One thing users must know is that there are actually three different switch options. What is the difference between brown blue and red keys in a mechanical keyboard?

1. Gateron red - capable of intense action while also functioning on minimal resistance.

2. Gateron blue - good for primarily typing.

3. Gateron brown - good for those who spend equal time gaming and typing.

Basically, this would determine the smoothness or clickiness and a few other modifiable features. An article by PCGamingGrace further elaborates the other mechanical keyboard colors, including silver which has an identical behavior to black but without the reported colors on.

Battery Life

Aside from needing a comfortable keyboard, it's also very important to have a good battery life, so it will be convenient for users to bring it along with them when they go out or would be able to use it for a while without needing a socket. One thing important to know about the Keychron K8 mechanical keyboard USB is that it only fits USB-C. This means users will still need a dongle in order to use it with a MacBook or another Windows PC using USB-C. Wireless, however, isn't a problem.

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Keychron K8 Backlighting

While the mechanical keyboard is designed to give its users about 240 hours of battery life coming from the K8's 4000mAh battery, using a single LED color would plummet the life all the way to 68 hours and RGB would then shoot the battery life down to 72 hours.

Overall, however, it is still not quite bad for users that don't mind plugging in the mechanical keyboard if they are not going on a trip or somewhere remote where access to charging for the mechanical keyboard is rare. For the price itself, the features that the buyer gets is pretty decent.

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