How Cryptocurrency Can Make You Rich

How Cryptocurrency Can Make You Rich
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There are a few ways in which you can make money from Bitcoin; one way is to mine it. In this option, you will have to purchase equipment to do the mining. This also takes a lot longer for you to start seeing any kind of dividends. You may have to purchase a CPU and also pay for the electricity that it uses. This will cut into your profit.

The miners on this platform, are in charge of confirming all transactions which take place in the exchange, this service is provided at a cost or for a prize. On this exchange, there are two prizes, one which is granted when a specific transaction is picked out and the second one is given every time a block is added. If you choose to participate in the mining process, then you will as, mentioned above incur some costs, the amount of the costs depends on the price of electricity in your country. Some countries pay a lot for electricity, but some are luckier, like China, where the cost is very minimal. This probably explains why the bulk of miners lie there.

Investing in Bitcoin Crypto

If you do not have the money or time to take part in the mining option, then you may purchase the crypto directly from an exchange. Another way to try and make money would be through investments, but this could be quite risky to do. Many investors have found a new interest in the crypto markets of late, due to the large returns that it has been generating. Although you are free to buy crypto whenever you wish, it would be advisable to watch the markets and purchase it when the profits will be beneficial for you. If you just buy it at any time, you could lose quite a bit. The Initial Coin Offering (ICO), is when the coins are released onto the markets, at this stage, investors can decide whether they want to invest or not. If the event is implemented and it shows potential this is when the price of the coin, will increase, if this happens, then investors stand a chance of receiving some good profits.

Are Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Legal?

Since most cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, in particular, have attracted so much attention from financial bodies and government alike, cryptocurrencies which are quite different to fake fiat currency, which is illegal, is regarded as legal in most countries.  

In most of the countries, where the laws regarding cryptos are not stipulated, many people are not sure exactly what the regulations are around this issue. It is therefore best that you make sure of what your countries views are around the immediate bitcoin trading aspect, before investing in it. It is also good to know that these rules are not cast in stone and could change at any time.

Cryptocurrencies policies around unregulated and anonymous aspects are why some governments have placed certain restrictions on it. The governments are sceptical because they are of the option that Bitcoin will lead to them losing their financial hold on their countries.

The Disadvantages of Bitcoin

Although the advantages of Bitcoin are good, some disadvantages have to be mentioned. One of these is caused by the criminals who take advantage of newbies, who enter the market. These masterminds lure unsuspecting investors, by offering huge returns and empty promises, only to rob these investors of all their money. This is usually only discovered after the makeshift brokers disappear with the money.


It is because of these illegal activities, which are a link to cryptocurrencies, that many governments are warning their citizens to be cautious and make sure that they are dealing with reputable brokers and such, before investing any money. 

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