Pikachu Spotlight Hour: 5 Most Valuable Pikachu Pokemon Cards Ever

Pikachu is yet again the focus of several games, including "Pokemon GO" Spotlight Hour, which would feature the favorite Electric-type mouse in the game, manga, and anime franchise. Apart from the popular AR Game's spotlight, Pikachu is also one of the most expensive and coveted Pokemon Trading Card that holds several expensive sales in the past years.

Users may have heard about the expensive Charizard card that was bought by Logic last year for a massive $183,000, as the rapper had tweeted about it. However, Charizard is not the same as Pikachu, which is one of the most iconic faces of the entire Pokemon franchise that even those who are not fans or gamers know and recognize. 

Pokemon Cards hold one of the most expensive sets, as collectors pay thousands of dollars to get their hands on a special edition release, or those from the original and first editions. It may not be much as a collection, but die-hard and loyal fans of the franchise consider this a massive deal and are a prized possession for collectors. 

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Top 5 Most Expensive Pikachu Pokemon Trading Cards Sold

In no particular order, here are the five Poekmon cards that hold out the most expensive and rare availability of the popular Electric-type Pokemon that has been immortalized in the world-famous trading card game. Before the existence of the Nintendo Game Boy and other console games, Pokemon players have been battling out their knowledge of the manga via Pokemon cards battles.

It is also here where Pikachu has gained recognition, especially as the main creature of focus in "Pokemon Yellow Adventures" that features the trainer called "Yellow" and his journey with the electric mouse. 

Pikachu VMAX Vivid Voltage 188/185

Pikachu VMAX
(Photo : TCG Player)

According to Bleeding Cool, the "Gigantamax" version of Pikachu is one of the most expensive Pokemon cards there was, particularly as it debuted the Electric-type mouse. On the first release of the cards, the piece itself already costs $400 each, and through time, it has gotten more expensive and rare.

Pikachu Birthday Card Set

Pikachu Birthday
(Photo : eBay)

There is nothing more precious than the favorite Pokemon of the world celebrate its birthday with a cake and look delighted with it. The same sentiments are shared by the fans and sellers of the card, where it is on eBay auction at a starting price of $8,000.

Pikachu Illustrator

Pikachu Illustrator
(Photo : eBay)

This card is by far one of the most expensive ones, as it is reported to be at a starting price of $3,000,000 on eBay. The Illustrator is one of the rarest in the world, and only a few were made. 

1999 Australia PokeTour Promo Pikachu/ Pikachu Base Set 58/102

Pikachu 1st Edition
(Photo : eBay)

One of the first editions of the Pokemon Trading Card was also the same look that was debuted in Australia PokeTour, which is the first edition 58/102. The said set is around thousands of dollars now and features a chunky Pikachu.

Pikachu Trainer Promo Card

Pikachu Trainer
(Photo : eBay)

The 'Trainer' Edition is also part of the rarest and most expensive ones, as it is a limited and special edition version of the Trading Card game.

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