PS5 Restock Coming: Scalping to End Soon as Sony Solves PlayStation 5 Shortage Issue

PS5 Restock Coming: Scalping to End Soon as Sony Solves PlayStation 5 Shortage Issue
New PS5 restocks are coming, as Sony president Jim Ryan points to a better production this 2021. Photo : Unbox Therapy/YouTube Channel

Sony PlayStation president Jim Ryan confirmed that there will be more PS5 stock online this 2021!

While buyers have been scampering around to look for the next-generation consoles, scalpers have been hogging them away--leaving normal buyers empty and having difficulties buying the console, according to the story by The Sun.

PS5 Restock 2021

In his statement with Financial Times, Ryan said that from July 2021, the PS5 restock will start to improve. The pace of improvement on the supply chain promises little to no more delay on PlayStation 5.

The president then said that the second half of 2021 will give buyers decent numbers of new PS5 stock online. While the next-gen console has already been out for over three months, the scalper situation has still been seen as very bad.

As of the moment, the best possible way for buyers to be able to get their hands on a new PS5 is through resellers. An article by The Sun noted that a PS5 resell price even reached up to $1,400 on eBay. With this being the same case around the world, buyers are still struggling to get their hands on Sony's newest product.

How to Get PS5 Notifications Online

One way for buyers to have a shot at buying the new PS5 restock online is through moving as fast as they can whenever notifications signal restock movement. One particular way for users to get notifications online for free is through following a specific Twitter account. The Twitter account Wario64 reportedly posts updates whenever new PS5 stock is available online on different platforms.

For those that do not want to subscribe to additional premium notification services, following Wario64 on Twitter then turning the notifications on is a great way to know when the new PlayStation 5 restock hits the shelves. Of course, being notified isn't the only thing that a buyer has to do in order to get their hands on the new gaming hardware

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PS5 Restock Online

Another crucial thing that needs to be done is for the buyer to move fast. This means that it would be helpful if the buyer is already logged in to the specific sites or at least has the information needed for purchase readily available. When the notification signals that a new PlayStation 5 stock is available, buyers can then move swiftly since their information is ready.

As of the moment, this still does not guarantee that the buyer can purchase the PS5 since aside from the scalpers, there are others waiting in line--most of whom are waiting for months to get their hands on the next gen gaming hardware. Since gamers are still not giving up on trying to get the PS5, the competition can still be quite tough for anyone. As of the moment, it's still a matter of luck for gamers to be able to buy the console.

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