All You Need to Know About an Instagram Downloader in 2021

All You Need to Know About an Instagram Downloader in 2021
Photo : All You Need to Know About an Instagram Downloader in 2021

By this time, social media networks are full of different content. You can find almost everything regardless of your interest - from sports to interviews with experts. No doubt that you might want to save these media files to share with more people or watch offline. But how do you do it? 

If we speak about Instagram, you should know such tools as an Instagram downloader. These web-based services or apps don't need to be installed on your device; usually, they work with just a link to any publication. You can even keep stories from IG, and you will need an Instagram story downloader for this. Let's clarify what media files can IGers download this time and how they can take advantage of using this content. 

What types of content can you save via an Instagram downloader? 

Nowadays, you can find tools for downloading every type of content existing on Instagram. If you were thinking about taking screenshots or screen recording when you need to download Instagram video, please don't. The issue is that you can not officially download media files from the app, but when you take screenshots, the content you get in your gallery is extremely low-quality. 

Meanwhile, in 2021 you can download these media files from IG:

  • Feed posts of any type. You will have photos, carousels, videos in your downloads folder, and these files will be in the original quality. 

  • IGTV. These Instagram videos can be up to 1 hour long, and usually, this content is of high-value. For example, you can save tutorials, DIY videos, workouts, and concerts. 

  • Stories. In the app, users can only save their stories, but if you aim to keep stories that other people uploaded, it's also possible with a special tool. Some services also allow keeping all the newly added stories of users you are interested in automatically, so you won't need to track them on your own in the app. What is more, such services are the clue if you want to want some stories without appearing among the viewers. 

  • Streams. Instagram Lives can also be saved to your device. It's sometimes possible to track them as stories, and the updates will be downloaded automatically. 

As you see, every single media file uploaded to Instagram can be downloaded by you. The only condition is that users can only keep the content from any public account. 

Now let's discover what you can do next to the media files kept from IG.

5 Tips for reusing content from Instagram

  1. Mention the original content author. When you take someone's content from Instagram for your account on IG or other socials, you need to ask permission. Also, feature accounts that repost images made by other influencers always tag and give credits to them. If the source is unknown, you can point out that the image/ video is not yours, and you don't know the reference. 
  2. Adjust Instagram content to a social network that you will upload. Sometimes you will need to edit media files downloaded from IG if you want to repost to other platforms. You can use photo editing and video editing apps, like VSCO and Movavi. 
  3. Give your own point of view. If you grab someone's image or video from Instagram, try to give your comment on it. For example, if you download a workout and upload it to your IG for your audience, explain in the caption why you like it and why it is effective. 
  4. Take advantage of the content your clients post about your products. Posting UGC is getting extremely popular in 2021. There's no wonder because future clients get inspired when they view real cases, testimonials, and product reviews made by genuine people. Don't miss this chance, and create a branded hashtag for your clients that they will add to posts/ stories devoted to your business. 
  5. Remember that quality is above all. Even the most informative and persuasive testimonial won't significantly impact if it's in low resolution. Therefore, you need to be selective and download content via specially designed services; most of them are free. 

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All in all, if you run a business or a feature account on Instagram, you don't necessarily need to take original images on your own. You can use the content made by other IGers or by your clients. It's vital to download this content in high quality, and plentiful Instagram downloaders can help you in this task. 

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