Roblox Voice Chat Feature: Censorship Concerns for Young Gamers Emerge

Photo : Roblox

Roblox Corporation recently announced adding a "safe" voice chat feature real soon, without stating the exact release date. But how are users taking this news?

As of this writing, that's the only news about the Roblox voice chat which is part of the game's latest updates as they experiment new features. Although others are lookng forward to this function, many are not happy about this new feature especially that most players of the game are children.

Although this feature is good, some users are concerned about cencorship knowing that the demographic gamers of Roblox are children below 15 years old. Teenagers and adults who use swear words and foul languageneeds to be censored. It is not clear if Roblox has a powerful system to censor and detect these words in voice chat.

Roblox Voice Chat Function Response

Some users expressed their dismay about the new feature pointing out possible harrasment from online bullies.

But not everyone are looking at the negative side. Others are also happy about this new function.

Roblox New Features

Apart from that feature, Roblox also announced cloth layering and face tracing during the Investor Day stream last Feb. 26. This additional feature will allow the players to customise avatars with new level of details. It is also possible that Roblox will be having a VR territory, enabling people to find their escape from reality.

The release of new features is part of the games goal to get more adult gamers. “We’re increasingly appealing to an older user base,” CFO Mike Guthrie said during the Investor Day stream. He said that people age 13 and older doubled last year comprising 44% of daily active users.

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