Instagram Gets Major Live Rooms Update--Intense Competition With Clubhouse Chat App Brewing?

Instagram Gets Major Live Rooms Update--Competition With Clubhouse Chat App Brewing?
Instagram is now updating its Live Rooms to compete with the now massively popular Clubhouse chat app. Can Instagram keep up? Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The ever-so popular and now Facebook-owned photo sharing platform Instagram has just launched a new update to compete with another popular app in the market.

Clubhouse chat app has become really popular ever since Elon Musk and other famous names started using the iOS app. The app is now reportedly trying to develop an Android version for them to keep up with the growing user base.

Instagram Live Rooms Update

According to an article by news18, Instagram has launched a brand new Live Rooms feature that would allow four people to video chat each other using a live broadcast. In the past, Instagram Lives allowed only two people to be included in the broadcast, but now everything is changing as the platform adapts to a more modern way of having video chats.

The new feature will be coming along, pushing users to either start a talk show, jam session, podcast or even collaborate with some other creators. Instagram aims to attract a larger audience with the Live Rooms, which will allow more participants depending on the settings. Since Instagram capitalizes more on images, videos and stories, going into the video chat realm would be a fresh new space for the platform.

Facebook to Compete with Clubhouse Chat App?

This update is expected to come at a time when the whole audio-chat iOS app, Clubhouse, is dominating an unoptimized field.

Clubhouse allows over 10 people to speak all at once. Rooms will be able to reach up to 8,000 people before becoming full. An article by The Verge noted how Facebook is reportedly trying to compete with the Clubhouse app's ever growing in popularity.

With the pandemic's breakout last 2020, one of the most popular apps back then was Zoom, which dominated the whole video conferencing space. Despite Facebook and other platforms trying to catch up with the app, it has still been very successful even this 2021 as the preferred app for video conferencing by most professionals, students, entertainers and other users alike.

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Clubhouse Popularity: Elon Musk Robinhood Interview

Clubhouse was able to utilize the trend shifting into the virtual space for communication and add a small twist which has made the app even more popular. One of the biggest highlights that the app has had this 2021 was when Elon Musk interviewed the Robinhood CEO shortly after the whole GameStop fiasco.

Due to the chaotic peak when GameStop stock was suspended for trading on the Robinhood app, a lot of people were aggressively looking for an explanation and word from Robinhood as to what was going on. Musk took the initiative to talk to the CEO on the Clubhouse app, which was still rising in user base during that time. After a while, the user base has grown and the Clubhouse app is now expanding its reach to Android to cater a larger growing audience.

Can Instagram's Live Rooms compete? That remains to be seen.

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