WhatsApp to Stop Working on Some iOS Devices: How to Know if You're Affected

WhatsApp to Stop Working on Some Android and iOS Devices: How to Know if You're Affected
WhatsApp could stop working on older iOS devices. Here's how to find out if the iPhone you're using is no longer supported. Photo : Edward Smith/Getty Images

WhatsApp is reportedly dropping its support for certain iPhones that are still running on the iOS 9. This means that despite the WhatsApp user base getting smaller ever since their new policy update got criticized, the app could be looking at phasing out support for other users on an earlier iOS version.

The app is still currently supporting Android 4.0.3 and above.

WhatsApp Stops Supporting iOS 9 and Below

The announcement was noted by the WhatsApp tracker WABetaInfo, and it detailed that the new version 2.21.50 of WhatsApp beta will no longer support devices that are still running on either the iOS 9 or other older iOS. WhatsApp still hasn't updated nor changed its official FAQ page as of the moment, but it is still expected to be updated when the final new version of the app rolls out for public use.

The story was reported by News18. The development means the iPhone 4 as well as the iPhone 4s will be losing support for the popular messaging app. Moreover, the iPhone 5 will be the oldest iPhone model that will be able to run WhatsApp. The iPhone 5 was reportedly updated until iOS 10.3.

WhatsApp on Android

When it comes to the Android side of things, WhatsApp is supported on other Android smartphones that are running on the Android 4.0.3 or other newer OS. Aside from both Android and iOS, WhatsApp also reportedly runs on KaiOS, which is actually used on a number of different phones that include the Jio Phone as well as the Jio Phone 2.

In another development, WhatsApp is also reportedly planning to release a more improved version of its supposed Archived Chats, according to WABetaInfo. This particular feature is currently still under development. However, sources noted to WABetaInfo that WhatsApp is now preparing some UI improvements for the said Archived Chats cell. This will only be visible if the user has any particular chats within their archive.

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WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update

All of the notifications from the Archived Chats will also reportedly be muted. This means that users won't be able to know when they receive messages on the archived chats. Sources also reportedly told WABetaInfo that this particular feature will just be optional.

WhatsApp, which is still fighting what's known to be a huge boycott against its very own update private policy, recently reminded its users regarding the updated policy that is coming into effect during the start of May 15.

The new updated privacy policy has been moved several times due to the backlash it received, with a number of users actually turning to other apps like Signal and Telegram. Although WhatsApp defends itself saying the info would be good for the small businesses, users are still shifting left and right.

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