2021 WordPress 5.7 Features Simplified HTTP Conversion-Other Enhancements Revealed!

2021 WordPress 5.7 Features Simplified HTTP Conversion—Other Enhancements Revealed!
The new WordPress 5.7 update is rolling out some much-needed additions to make the editing process require less code. Photo : Pixabay/Pexels.com

The new WordPress 5.7 "Esperanza" has finally arrived with an array of new features that could make things much easier for website owners to use.

The "Esperanza" was named after the popular musician Esperanza Spalding, and it reportedly allows owners to make the swift switch from HTTP to HTTPS with just one click. 

Basically, the new update allows users to not only be able to customize their website even more, but also use features without needing to write custom code. The updates were posted by SearchEngineJournal.

WordPress 5.7 HTTP to HTTPS

The switch from HTTP to HTTPS has never been easier. Here's a summary of how the new Wordpress makes HTTP to HTTPS conversion easier:

  • WordPress promises site mitigation from HTTP to HTTPS

  • Site database URLs will automatically be replaced when using HTTPS

  • WordPRess dashboard Site Health section includes HTTPS status check

Easy to  Use EWditors

New enhancements have been included to enable easier editing.

  • Reusable blocks: Clicking "Update" will automatically save blocks.

  • Adjustable font size: Now available in the Code and List blocks.

  • Drag-and-drop:  Drag block patterns and blocks into the post directly from the inverter

No code needed

As mentioned, site owners can now do more without coding

  • Buttons block: Select between vertical or horizontal layout buttons block and adjust the button width to a preset percentage

  • Full-height alignment: Easily fill up the browser window with a block

  • Social Icons block: Social icons are flexible in size

Other WordPress 5.7 Features

Robots API

The "max-image-preview: large" is now included in the API by default. WordPress site owners can also include filter directives within robots meta tags. This allows larger image previous which can generate maximum traffic

Simpler Default Colors

The complicated color palette is fixed, making things simpler and even more streamlined. The selection will go down to seven core colors and 56 shades, which meet with WCAG 2.0 AA contrast ratio recommended against white or black.

iFrames Lazy Loading

Setting iframes to lazy-load is now easier with the WordPress 5.7. The loading="lazy" will be added to WordPress by default.

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Updating WordPress to 5.7

Before updating the siteonwer's version of WordPress, it is important to note that the upgrade will affect the folders and files that are included in the main WordPress installation. According to WordPress, this will include the core files that are used in order to run WordPress. Sites that already have modifications done to their files, the changes will reportedly be lost.

The installation process is extremely easy as users will be able to launch the update by simply clicking a button. Here's the gist:

1. Go to Dashboard

2. Go to Updates

3. When on the "Update WordPress" page, click "Update Now"

It was also noted that the general easy update works on most servers but for those having problems, this is most likely related to the permissions issues on the given filesystem.

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