2021 BMW iX Gets Rave Reviews With Impressive Interior, Exterior Tech: Is It Better Than the Audi E-Tron?

2021 BMW iX Gets Rave Reviews With Impressive Interior, Exterior Tech: Is It Better Than the Audi E-Tron?
BMW has debuted its upcoming Electric Car, BMW iX, which paves the way for the company's environment-friendly car of the next generation Photo : BMW /Youtube Screenshot

BMW has debuted its upcoming Electric Car, the BMW iX, which paves the way for the company's environment-friendly car of the next generation.

The Germany-based auto company said that it is the first of its kind to be based on a new, modular, scalable toolkit upon which the company's future will be built on. If car enthusiasts are looking for a new E-car on the market that features sleek designs, comfy rides, and a new iDrive 8 AI system, this car will definitely fill all their needs.

The BMW iX Electric Car Price, Release Date and More

The BMW iX made its debut last November, and the company first revealed the specs for this luxurious E-car to the U.S.. The BMW car is branded as a Sports Activity Vehicle that seeks to combine performance, practicality and environmental awareness.

The SAV will be available on the dealership's hands in early 2022, and pre-orders for the car will be available in June this year. Pricing starts at $80,000, with BMW sport two models for its iX cars: the BMW iX xDrive50 and BMW iX xDrive40 with a starting price at $95,000, as TechRadar reported.

The BMW iX is set to be the company's most eco-friendly car to date, as both variants are set to dramatically reduce the rate of emissions produced by similarly-sized non-electric vehicles with the help of its new electric motors that benefit from the feed-in of electric energy rather than the traditional magnet-based rotation.

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In the speed department, both BMW iX models are not too shabby on the road, with the xDrive50 boasting two electric motors capable of producing over 500bhp, meaning it can drive up 0-62mph in just five seconds.

On the other hand, the xDrive40 model comes with 300bhp, allowing boots in the same distance over six seconds. Both models' carbon emissions show their global warming potential around 45 percent lower than an SAV with a similar diesel-build engine in over 125,000 miles of use.

According to Motor Authority, the BMW iX xDrive50 can reach the top speed of 124mph. Each electric motor forms a modular drive unit that combines the motor, a single-speed transmission and a power control unit into a single housing.

Also, the battery on the xDrive50 features a 100-kilowatt-hours capacity, enough for a 300-mile range. Charging the model rates up to 200 kilowatts enables the car to be charged from 10-80 percent of battery life in less than 40 minutes. Ten minutes of charging will add 75 miles of range to the car.

Meanwhile, BMW is also debuting the next-generation iDrive 8 to both models. The iDrive 8 is an infotainment system designed to lessen the driver's burdens as it accommodates its needs through an AI-operated system. It includes a heads-up display, natural language voice commands, an upgraded GPS, and more.

BMW iX Better Than the Audi e-Tron?

While the BMW iX just debuted its specs and pricing recently, it is said that it will rival out Tesla Model X and Audi E-Tron. Chances are there will be serious competition for the next generation E-car in the market.

By this year, Audi did improve the e-Tron by giving it more range with 18 plus miles per charge and introducing a base trim that is a lot more affordable for many customers in the market. The premium model now costs $11,000 less than the base trim of a 2020 model.

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