Patrick Mahomes Makes $3.4 Million in 20 Minutes From NFTs: What Did He Sell?

Patrick Mahomes Makes $3.4 Million in 20 Minutes From NFTs: What Did He Sell?
Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes sold $3.4 million worth of NFTs on Wednesday. Photo : Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes sold $3.4 million worth of NFTs on Wednesday.

The star QB has been reported to have indulged in auctioning and selling art and signed jerseys in verified blockchain technology. Last week, he announced that he was getting into the NFT business with his own art collection called "The Museum of Mahomes."

Patrick Mahomes Sold Piece of Art at MakersPlace

Action Network reported that Mahomes sold six art pieces up for sale on the digital art site MakersPlace. Four of the QB's art pieces were open editions, while two were limited editions from the player's vault. The open editions were priced at $2,500 to $10,000, which was NFL memorabilia of the Kansas City star. In the 15-minute time frame, Mahomes sold 451 of NFT art that grossed to $2 million.

In the NFT auction, Mahomes offered a 1/1 piece that includes a physical Ruby and Swarovski covered helmet, a 55-inch TV to display the work, and a signed jersey. As of 7 PM ET on Wednesday, the highest offer was $82,501, per Action Network.

When the open editions were closed, a limited group of 50 people opened the time frame and offered $15,000 each, where 95 items were sold in less than five minutes. The $15,000 opened time frame grossed $1.4 million. In total, Mahomes sold $3.4 million worth of NFTs within 20 minutes of auction time.

Meanwhile, a portion of the proceeds from the auction will go to the quarterback's 15 and Mahomes Foundation and be used to complete an all-inclusive play site at a Kansas City park. The Chiefs signal-caller will also donate to the Boys and Girls Club in Missouri and Kansas.

The Museum of Mahomes

Chiefswire, meanwhile, revealed that Patrick Mahomes is still new to trading NFTs, but his passion has been to have memorabilia since he was still a kid. Last Friday, the Kansas City quarterbak announced that he was launching a project called "The Museum of Mahomes" that will feature pieces of digital artwork to be auctioned off for NFTs.

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Mahomes stated in a CNBC interview that what got him interested in trading NFTs is to break boundaries and make history on and off the field. He continued that being an athlete these days brings unlimited opportunities in brand expansion and make an impact in other ways.

Mahomes also said that his father got him to collect memorabilia from cards, bats, caps, and more when he was young. He started to see more things coming out with NFTs and how people can own memorabilia through online currency. "To have another hussle, it was kind of a no-brainer for me," said Mahomes.

What Is NFT?

Non-Fungible Tokens or NFT are items that can be owned digitally and can get people ownership of something in a digital sense. It can be invested, bought, sold, digital art, collectible cards, video clips, and other memorabilia. Think of it as paper trading cards, but it is digital.

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