Remote Desktop Control with AweSun: Why It’s Important Today

Working on the go is virtually impossible with just a phone in hand especially if the work needs to be done on their desktop. There is a way, however, for this particular complication to be smoothed out through the use of a remote desktop controller like AweSun.  

While this particular way of working is still new in the whole industry, it is already being utilized by a number of professionals who understand the importance of being able to work regardless of the situation. As with every new way of doing things, there are a couple of concerns regarding the use of remote desktop but generally, the benefits outweigh the rumored disadvantages.


Is Remote Desktop dangerous?

This is the largest concern when it comes to using a remote desktop and in general, the answer is that it depends on how loosely the user shares their access. For those that are already taking the necessary steps in securing their data, there shouldn't be much to worry about when using a remote desktop.

In general, a remote desktop is an extension of the desktop itself accessed on a different platform and if both the original platform and the extended platform are already protected, the user won't really have to worry about their safety. Having a remote desktop won't increase the risk of being compromised unless the user is careless with how they access their computers and devices in general.


What are the Functions of AweSun?

When we say remote desktop control, the name itself gives a clear picture of what users can do but what people don't understand is how beneficial it might be. Let's say there are a few files that need to be submitted to someone and the owner of their files is in no way able to access their desktop, the only way to get the job done in this scenario is through using a remote desktop. Here's what AweSun can do for you:

Remote Desktop access

Aside from being able to do the needed desktop functions remotely, the use of a remote desktop also allows for multiple computers to be used together. For those that have complicated jobs and might need more than just one computer located in different areas, gaining access to these computers would be very inconvenient if they aren't able to do it remotely.

Remote Phone access

Accessing files on the go has never been easier. Instead of wasting resources in physically accessing the desktop, the user can opt for remote phone access to their desktop and work while they are traveling or in a different area. This is extremely useful for those that are constantly "on the go."

Remote Screen access

Another important way that remote desktop is beneficial is its screen monitoring feature which allows the user to monitor their screens for a lot of different reasons.

Here are some ways screen monitoring is important:

  • User can monitor work notifications

  • User can monitor stocks

  • User can monitor business activity (if there is a dedicated computer for business)

  • User can monitor personal activity (for those waiting for downloads or doing something that takes time on their personal computer)

Remote Gaming

The last but not the least, remote desktop will even allow remote gaming and is one of the most entertaining uses of this particular tool. For the gamers on the go, playing a game from another unit or possibly on their phone would allow them access to the game despite being in a different location.


Why AweSun is the best remote desktop tool

First of all, the remote desktop tool can be quite expensive. This would mean that it is usually only accessible to those that have the money to pay for the premium feature. However, AweSun provides a number of premium features in their free version without users having to upgrade to the premium version of the software.

The free version of AweSun already provides users with the needed features but for those that really plan to use the tool for more professional purposes, there is a premium version that allows for more functions. AweSun is still considered the best free remote desktop tool due to the free version already having features only present in the premium subscription version of other remote desktop tools.

Another good thing about AweSun is that it runs on encryption technology and has a two-factor authentication system making things safer for its users. Due to the service being used in a professional sense, AweSun is really tight on security and guarantees its users safe access to their remote devices.

The good news is that iTechPost readers will get access to paid services for free.

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