April Fools' Day 2021 Memes, Images, GIF: Gaming Announcement Gags and Pranks

April Fools
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Despite the pandemic, people are still having a good laugh to celebrate April Fools' Day 2021. Apart from pranks, others simply share hilarious memes, images, and GIF either to warn others not to prank them or just to share their thoughts about April Fools. As always, there are gaming prank announcements that seem real.

Gaming News April Fools Gags

1. Razer

Well, this is cute. Many would buy this lovely hair dye! It's customizable per-hair lighting.

2. EB Games Australia.

Although it looks like a prank, it's actually real. And yes, it is open for pre-order.

3. AudioTechnicaAU

Godzilla headphones, anyone?

4. Bethesda_ANZ

Now this is something that people would really like to have!

5. Armello Game

Twitter users are saying that they want this to be real. But well, April Fools' Day!

6. 'Overwatch' April Fools Day 2021

Players of "Overwatch" were surprised to see the game’s heroes with big googly eyes. Hilarioous indeed!

7. TommyInnit 'Technoblade' Twitch Prank

The official Technoblade Twitch page had a "starting soon" screen which excites fan. However, the "Minecraft" player isn't actually going back to streaming on Twitch.


April Fools' Day 2021 Memes

Are you looking for funny memes to share on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media account? We also collated some images and GIF that will make your day. 1. Better be careful today!

2. Now that's a big surprise indeed.

3. You've been warned.

4. You can't blame us for being skeptic.

5. Today, it seems that all news are fake.

6. Cancel April Fools.

7. When you forgot it's April Fools.

8. Not a good joke.

Yes, we know that everything that happened in 2020 up to this day seems like a prank. But we still manage.

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