Apple Car Is a Robot? Tim Cook Talks Project Titan-Release Date, Specs and Rumors

Apple Car Is a Robot? Tim Cook Talks Project Titan—Release Date, Specs and Rumors
In a recent interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook gave some ideas about Project Titan and hinted that the Apple Car could be an "autonomous robot." Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Apple rumors are constantly present online, especially as people await what the company will do next. Sure enough, one of its most-talked about product is the Apple Car.

Through the Titan Project, the Cupertino-based company has secretly been working on the said product over the past years.

Now, in an exclusive interview with Kara Swisher's podcast "Sway," Apple CEO Tim Cook gave some ideas about Project Titan and hinted that the Apple Car could be an "autonomous robot."

Tim Cook Hints About Apple Car

In the interview, Cook revealed some key features about the Apple Car. TechCrunch reported that Cook did not discuss much details other than what they are working on is an autonomous system. It is also not clear if they are working on the technology or the car itsel.

The Apple CEO eventually swayed into another direction when asked if they are producing the car itself of outsourcing.

Cook stated that the Apple Car's autonomy is the core technology, and it is a "robot" in many ways.

 "If you sort of step back, the car, in a lot of ways, is a robot. An autonomous car is a robot. And so there's lots of things you can do with autonomy. And we'll see what Apple does," the CEO teased.

Cook added that Apple loves to integrate hardware, software and services and find the intersection points because that is where the magic happens. He also stated that the company wants to own the primary technology that is around that.

Per TNW, Cook also talked about Tesla CEO Elon Musk in his interview with Swisher. Cook stated that he has never spoken with Elon, but he has great admiration and respect for his company. Cook thinks Tesla has done an unbelievable job of keeping the lead in establishing the EVs for an extended period.

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Base on the interview, Cook seemed to be teasing people and hyping them to develop a story about the product. In return, the Apple Car could gain a significant leverage to get the people interested in their tech events again. However, going head to head with Tesla will be a hit or miss depending whether or not Apple does a great job making the autonomous technology for the Apple Car work in the future.

Major Acquisitions for the Apple Car

Observer said that Apple has done significant hirings and acquisitions further to develop the autonomous technology through Project Titan, and they will reportedly continue to do so for the rumored Apple Car.

In 2018, the company hired Doug Field--a former Vice President of Mac Engineering at Apple, after his years working for Tesla--to lead Project Titan. Also, the tech giant has acquired autonomous driving startup Drive.AI as part of a restructuring of the Apple Car in 2019.

The publication also noted that the company is working on the monocell design to increase the Apple Car's mile range and reduce batteries' cost. And yet, Tesla is also doing the same thing with their batteries to limit cell-powered cars' expense in their line-up.

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