iTest Samsung App: This Website Turns Your iPhone Into an Android Device!

iTest Samsung App: This Website Turns Your iPhone Into an Android Device!
Samsung is launching a new program for the iOS to give Apple users a "sample of the other side." Photo : Denny Müller/Unsplash

Samsung is launching a new program for the iOS to give Apple users a "sample of the other side." By visiting the iTest website and installing the web app, Apple users interact with a simulated Galaxy interface and even open the Galaxy Store, apply themes, and access phone messages, apps and calls.

It has been a recurring theme for over a decade of debate about which operating system best works for mobile phones. The only two options in the market are Samsung's Android system and Apple's iOS system. The Infographics Show made a great comparison between the two and concluded that the decision is often left to user preference. Android is a highly customizable operating system with many app choices and ranges in its library, while iOS promotes ease of use and sleek quality designs that often go timeless.

However, Samsung recently launched an exciting proposal that puts most Apple users to the test. Samsung is advertising iTest, a web application that lets Apple users simulate an Android experience. You no longer have to buy a new phone to test what makes the Android interface so unique.

iTest Samsung App: How to Get It

The process to try out this new application is simple. Head over to the iTest website, where you would be required to scan a QR code with your iPhone. This would automatically prompt you to install a web application to your iPhone home screen. Launch it as you would with any of your apps, and it will open up a new Android interface you could interact with. Throughout this experience, little commentary prompts will give you an explanation of the different features found in the Android system.

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iPhone Android Interface

9to5mac reported that Samsung does a great job of replicating the Android experience. The program runs smoothly and even opens up a few more apps, including Galaxy Store, Samsung Camera and more.

It is highly recommended that you check out the Samsung Themes to personally select and apply Android themes from a list of available choices. You could also try using the Camera application, where photographer Logan Dodds would walk you through all available photography options to explore. Samsung also creates dummy calls and messages for you to experience how the notifications and answering interface comes up.

Unfortunately, the simulated experience also has a few technical limitations. Opening available apps that are not part of the simulated experience would prompt open funny comments from Samsung.

Opening a folder of "Popular apps" in this interface would prompt open a Samsung notification saying, "Don't worry, all the apps you love are available. Because let's be honest, most of them are Google products, and we're good buddies with those guys."

Macrumors reported that exploring some of the app's Settings would show a pop-up that says "We've simplified the settings menu experience so our developer could have a lunch break."

Overall, this is an interesting new interface Samsung is presenting to iOS users. Download the web app now and be one of the few to run an Android system on your iPhone.

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