Jairo Escobar: Using YouTube as a Springboard to Success

Jairo Escobar: Using YouTube as a Springboard to Success
Photo : Jairo Escobar

How to turn a profit from streaming on YouTube, with the most famous Latino YouTuber in Toronto.


Jairo Escobar is a big name in YouTube and live streaming. He is one of the most successful YouTubers out there, living and working from his base. Since 2019, Jairo has managed to grow more than 250 thousand followers to his streaming accounts. He creates comedic Vlogs, tag videos and sets challenges for his massive following across multiple accounts and platforms.

Jairo Escobar is the definition of a self-made man. He has harnessed the profit-making potential of the YouTube platform, only to have come out smiling. This might not be the case for everyone who starts down the video-making path - but it sure does serve as a warning to us all that it is entirely possible to make your fortune using the power of the internet.

YouTube is the Unlikely Money Maker of the 2010s

Nobody could have fathomed that there would be a massive rise in how we make money through film and media in the 2010s. Nobody could have guessed that there would be millionaires made or broken on this online platform. Few had that insight, but those that did manage to turn it to their advantage.

YouTube is another tool in your online arsenal of weapons you can use to market your business strategically. On YouTube, you can post corporate films and short recordings, capturing first moments and brilliant times from the company. You can use it as a different name, other places your business shows up, and a tool to help customers picture your product or service in the heart of their home.

As well as showing consumers how your product is used, YouTube lets you reach a greater audience of consumers. Those that love streaming, browsing through videos for hours on end, and watching others play computer games love the whole YouTube scene. Those that like Reddit and can get stuck on pages forever - are all out there and ready for you to attract them as viewers.

It is Not Just About Films

YouTube is a different digital advertising method; it adds another string to what a wide bow is, hopefully. The more fingers you have in the world of online pies, the more links you have that lead back to your business. The more backlinks you have, the more the search engines see your firm as a useful and authoritative site. The higher they think of you, the higher you rise through the rankings.

Vitally, you are aiming for those top three answers in any given search engine query regarding your company. If you can land in those three, you will gain a whopping 70% of all the traffic. This translates to a more significant number of chances to make that crucial sale. It increases your natural lead generation and gives you a platform where you can develop your brand persona.

Altogether, this means that YouTube is one of the best additional digital marketing features that you can use. 

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