How a Smartphone Can Help LGBTQ People Get Rid of Loneliness

How a Smartphone Can Help LGBTQ People Get Rid of Loneliness
Photo : How a Smartphone Can Help LGBTQ People Get Rid of Loneliness

LGBTQ people tend to have a harder time meeting people than straight people. Still, modern evolutions in technology have made it so any individual from a marginalized community can find people with whom they can communicate and form partnerships. We will take a look at the ways that smartphone tech has made it easier for LGBT+ individuals to get rid of those feelings of loneliness. 

The Social Side of Smartphones

Anyone that has held a smartphone and looked at the bevy of available apps knows that it's easier than ever to use them as a tool for social connections. In this article, specialists from gay dating site look into the positive ways your smartphone can help LGBTQ people with their loneliness. First and foremost, smartphones come loaded with a ton of tools that make communication and connection easier. Smartphones make it possible to take pictures, send SMS, and even send videos to people. The internet connectivity makes it easy to have live-streamed chats, surf the web, and browse social media websites. Smartphones are built for connectivity, and they are the most important tool in the arsenal of anyone looking to forge connections as a member of the LGBT community. 

How Apps Influence LGBTQ's life

A lot of the conversation we're having about LGBTQ people, loneliness, and technology is predicated on the belief that these individuals are actually making use of the apps to help make connections. Based on the information that is available today, it is clear that apps have a profound impact on LGBT people's lives. For example, you can go on major websites and apps like Reddit and find that there are entire communities dedicated to the conversations around LGBTQ users. In fact, the site has numerous "subreddits" that have thousands of members. These safe spaces allow people to come together, talk about the news affecting them, get advice, and work to make friends and understand the world around them. Apps like this have a large and positive influence on the community, and they are a great way to build connections and knowledge. 

Another major impact that apps have on the lives of LGBT individuals is in terms of their romance. LGBTQ people have a much harder time finding romance than heterosexual people because of lack of availability, social constraints, and outright fear. Those elements have contributed to the vast increase in the number of users of dating sites by LGBT+ people. In fact, studies have shown that LGBT+ individuals are twice as likely to use an online dating service or app compared with other segments of the population. These apps and services are the key to helping marginalized groups find partners for romance. 

Helpful Websites and Apps if You Are Feeling Lonely

Now that you know why LGBT individuals are so predisposed to using online dating services to find their loving partners or using social media to connect with people, it's important to identify the most useful apps. We have compiled a list of apps that are designed to keep loneliness at bay and make the most of your situation. 


Your mindset makes your reality, and if you have a positive outlook, then your life will follow. That is why so many people have taken up with, a site that provides quotes and hope for people. 


Finding your second half is one of the hardest things we can do as human beings. However, using this dating site can help in that respect. Give this a shot and meet a ton of LGBT individuals. 

  • TalkLife

This support site for mental health is an important resource for those individuals with loneliness that stems from mental health issues. 

  • Meetup

Do you dream of hosting events in your local community or online? Then this is the app for you! Hop online, meet new people, and have a fabulous time. 

  • Spotify

Spotify is a place where you can listen to music, trade playlists, and relax. You can feel lonely, but the right songs will help you perk right up.

  • Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga is a great way to exercise, take lessons from others, and learn how to control your body. This app is its own form of therapy.

  • Happify

Happify is an app that teaches positive psychology to help people overcome negativity in their lives. 

LGBT individuals are going to have a harder time seeking happiness and fending off loneliness. However, smartphones and their associated apps are completely capable of aiding individuals in need of companionship and love. All in all, anyone that feels the need to improve their lives can download any of the apps we have suggested and get better outcomes in their lives forever. You might even find the romantic partner of your dreams!

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