'Pokemon Go' Shiny Guide: How to Find and Catch Shiny Pokemons, Tips and Tricks

 'Pokemon Go' Shiny Guide: How to Find and Catch Shiny Pokemons, Tips and Tricks
"Pokemon Go" players love Shiny Pokemons, but catching them is easier said than done. Fortunately, there are ways for players to increase their chances of catching them all! Photo : Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Ever since the first Shiny Magikarp and Gyarados appeared in "Pokemon Go" in 2017, players had gone crazy over it and had started searching for more. Niantic added shiny Pokemons to promote the game even further, while players who are way into catching this type of Pokemons in the wild are trying to "catch em all"--being a collector of sorts. 

So the question is, how do players get Shiny Pokemons in the game? Well, there are many ways to get a Shiny one in "Pokemon Go," and following the tips below will obtain you one.

Tips and Tricks to Get a Shiny Pokemon in "Pokemon Go"

According to TCGPlayer, catching a Shiny Pokemon out in the wild is no easy feat. A shiny has a 1:450 or 1:500 chance encounter. However, "Pokemon Go" events like monthly Community Days, Limited Research, and Special Research quests give a bigger chance of catching a Shiny Pokemon, and players should capitalize on that. 

Suppose there are "Pokemon Go" events happening. In that case, players should immediately play the game as it has a 1:24 chance of getting a Shiny Pokemon, depending on what Niantic will feature in that event.

Catching a Shiny Pokemon on a regular basis is hard, but not impossible. There are still ways to get one, even if the odds are stacked against the players. Players can participate on Raids with friends or constantly hatch eggs with a 1:20 chance and 1:50 ratio, respectively.

With that said, here is a guide in giving players the advantage of catching a Shiny Pokemon out into the wild.

Stop Catching Every Pokemon You Encounter

Taking a hard pass on every Pokemon that players may encounter is a tip that is sure to save players the Pokeballs, Berries and time. Players should prioritize looking for a Shiny Pokemon out in the wild.

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Also, players should consider looking for Shinies during Spotlight hours, Safari Zones, and seasonal events that are only around for a limited time. It is a must to check online on when and what time a certain Pokemon may appear to catch a Shiny. According to Gamepur, Buneary, Mankey, Grimer, and Finneon are the featured Pokemons this April, with spawn hours from 6 PM to 7 PM in each player's respective time zones.

Start Using AR Mode in "Pokemon Go"

Using AR Mode for catching Pokemons in the game is a time saver. In normal mode, players who tap the Pokemon will have to wait for the introduction, the "A Wild...Appears," and a zoom-out UI to finish, only to find out that it is just a regular Psyduck. But in AR mode, the background will change to what the camera phone captures and immediately see if the Pokemon is a Shiny or not so that players can just run out of its merry way.

Finding Cluster Spawns in Your Neighborhood

Finding a cluster spawn area by accident while playing "Pokemon Go" is an ordinary coincidence. If you manage to find a cluster spawn near your neighborhood, then it is a win, as it can help you set a route that circles back to that area to keep cycling through spawns, looking for a Shiny.

Getting a Tracker App for "Pokemon Go"

Catching a Shiny Pokemon in "Pokemon Go" is complex, and there is no guarantee that bumping into the 450 pokemon will get you a Shiny. However, an online tracker will help you boost your confidence as it lets you know what percentage of players may encounter a Shiny Pokemon out in the wild. P337 Poke tracker tool will help players calculate their chances of getting a Shiny Pokemon, as it tracks your wild encounters with Pokemons.

Moreover, there is a chart that also shows the chances a player can encounter a specific Pokemon out into the open, as presented by a Redditor named AirbenderProdigy.

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