Google Suffers Epic Fail in Argentina: Tech Giant Fails to Pay Domain Name, Guy Snags It for $5!

Google Suffers Epic Fail in Argentina: Tech Giant Fails to Pay Domain Name, Guy Snags It for $5!
Google Argentina failed to renew its domain name in the country, allowing an Argentinian guy to secure legal ownership of the name Photo : Adam Berry/Getty Images

On Wednesday, Google Argentina has failed to renew its domain name in the country. This allowed an Argentinian guy to secure legal ownership of the name After the said purchase and mistake on the end of Google, the said site became inaccessible--albeit for three hours.

Google Search Engine Bought for $5

According to Newsweek, the Argentinian man who bought the domain name of was identified as Nicolás David Kuroña after he posted on Twitter that he has acquired the search engine for 540 Argentine Peso or a little over $5.Kuroña stated that he had purchased the search engine from domain registrar NIC Argentina when he noticed it was for sale.

When Kuroña purchased the search engine, Argentina could not access the search engine and was reported unavailable for three hours. However, Google managed to restore things to normal after the country suffered technical difficulty accessing the site. Google and NIC Argentina have no further comments on how Kuroña managed to purchase the search engine and how it was registered on NIC as a product.

The publication reported that this kind of activity is called "Cybersquatting," which some people do online by holding, registering, and buying or selling a domain to make money out of it. The publication also noted that Kuroña could have probably bought because Google Argentina forgot to renew its domain and did not turn on the auto-renew feature.

For what it's worth, the main global page is available and accessible in the country during the shutdown and was not affected.

Google's Multiple Shutdowns

According to Android Police, this is not the first time a Google domain has failed to renew its policy. Last year, Google India domain suffered the same fate as Google Argentina when had gone dark, shutting down thousands of smaller blog posts. However, Google has regained control of the blogpost domain.

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The publication also reported that the Google Argentina domain is set to expire in July this year. With that said, it should not have appeared on NIC Argentina as an available domain name. Given that situation, questions about how got into the NIC site still have no answers.

RT further pointed out that Google has also suffered a significant outage for thousands of users in New York with its search, mail, docs, and drive apps last week. Many have posted online that all Google-related applications were down, such as Google Docs, Gmail, and Google services for 2.300 users.

Besides that, Google experienced error messages and long loading times for its U.S. and Europe users earlier this week. This Google outage experienced in parts of the U.S. was because of the internet outage caused by Verizon, who blamed it on a fiber cut in Brooklyn. The significant internet blackout caused apps like YouTube, Google, Amazon and Zoom to shut down.

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