Apple Watch Blood Sugar Sensor Leaked: New Health Tracking Feature Possible!

Apple Watch Blood Sugar Sensor Leaked: New Health Tracking Feature Possible!
One of the major selling points to the Apple Watch was its health features and program. Apple Watch users might have a surprise coming in the future, as the device could soon also monitor blood glucose levels. Photo : Stephen Lam/Stringer/Getty Images

Apple Watch users might have a surprise coming in the future. The smartwatch is rumored to get a new health-tracking feature added. This feature could monitor blood glucose levels, actively reporting your health levels in real-time.

One of the major selling points to the smartwatch called Apple Watch was its health features and program. When the first Apple Watch came, it accurately counted the number of steps taken, calories burnt, and other similar health trackers. In the later models, Apple Watch could be used for connectivity to monitor the healthy lifestyle of friends and families. The device also had an advanced interface that could create an exercise program for you.

Now, Apple appears to be improving its systems, recently hinting of possible future health features. This is after some leaks are spotted on what might be an Apple Watch Blood Sugar sensor.

A New Survey for Apple Watch Users

9to5mac reported that a Brazilian reader received an email survey on May 7. The email said that Apple wants some feedback on user experience, proving a link where to provide these answers. The article showed a screenshot of the survey in the Brazilian language.

The survey asked about the user experience from the built-in features such as step counting, activity rings, flights climbed, stand-up reminders and Workout apps. In addition, the survey asked which of these features users find most helpful. Apple then asked if they use third-party apps to manage health data, trace workouts and monitor eating habits (including nutrition and hydration). Notably, all these questions have medical relations to monitoring blood glucose levels.

As the report noted, Apple follows a pattern in which they send surveys whenever they want to know what users think as a reference for an incoming feature. For example, in 2020, Apple asked its iPhone users through a survey if the power adapter should be kept in a different box before announcing the removal of the charger from the iPhone 12 product bundle.

Apple also launched a survey about Face ID prior to the improvements of iOS 14.5 that lets users unlock an iPhone even when wearing a mask.

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Apple Blood Sugar Sensor

Last week, rumors spread that the Apple Watch would add a Blood Sugar Sensor. This feature could reportedly accurately track your health and sugar through non-invasive technology, meaning you can avoid those annoying needle pricks!

This is incredibly helpful to people who are suffering illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension. Properly reading the sugar levels and taking the medication at the correct hour indicated could make a difference between life and death.

Apple has not released any official announcement regarding this new health feature. Take this information with a grain of salt because Apple still has the time to change its plans. However, if these rumors proves to be true, Apple is making a major breakthrough in the health industry. The feature would certainly open up possibilities for other health and lifestyle improvements.

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