Comhar EG8 Electric Standing Desk Can Solve Charging Issues: No Need to Go Somewhere to Charge, Thanks to Its Convenient Ports

Comhar EG8 Electric Standing Desk
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Whether we like it or not, we, as consumers, always settle for what is durable, budget-friendly, and feature-wise. In the case of choosing your ideal desktop for your home or office setup, there's no need to rush for a cheaper product only to end up getting frustrated because it's too fragile.

Flexispot, one of the leading companies in desktop manufacturing, has been a clear contender in producing a worthwhile and consumer-friendly desktop. You cannot only guarantee its product to last longer compared to untrusted brands, but it also offers various key capabilities that only its desktop could contain.

For example, Flexispot's own Comhar EG8 height adjustable desk is a frontrunner in the field of smart home equipment. It has convenient charging ports for two types of USB. There's no hassle made through this, and all you can do is sit while you enjoy charging your gadgets in the under-desk space.

Besides, it also provides enough space, which serves as its drawer. In just one pull, it is wide enough for your items to be placed there.

However, what makes it more special is Comhar EG8's programmable presets. This electric standing desk will help you have a smooth sitting and standing through its adjustable height setting. Guess what, you can do all these things with just one tap of a button.

Flexispot: Comhar EG8 All-Around Desk At Your Service

Comhar EG8 Electric Standing Desk
(Photo : Flexispot)

Looking for a long-lasting desk? You have come to the right page upon seeing the Flexispot Comhar EG8 electric standing desk. Due to the ever-changing technology, the adoption has become even higher for the consumers. That's why high standards for this smart home furniture should be prioritized.

If other branded desks can easily acquire stains and scratches, this height adjustable desk can negate those small marks, thanks to its protective coat.

Wondering if it could be adjusted according to the user's height? That's the least of your worries now that you have an electric standing desk that is free to fine-tune. Regardless of whether the user is an adult or a child, this desk is impeccably compatible at both ends.

Speaking of children, there is fun with Comhar EG8 since you can use its glass stop as a stage for some mini shuffleboard games.

You could not ask for more for this one-of-a-kind height adjustable desk. After knowing its in-depth features, you won't have to doubt its originality and quality that are a perfect combination for Flexispot's high-rated and high-end EG8 electric standing desk.

Flexispot EG8 All-in-One Height Adjustable Desk Specs

Comhar EG8 Electric Standing Desk
(Photo : Flexispot)

To know more about this electric standing desk, here is the full list of its specs:

  • Makes use of a motor in its lifting mechanism
  • Has two-leg stage
  • Height ranges from 28.3 inches to 47.6 inches
  • Has memory presets available
  • Can lift at a speed of 1 inch per second
  • Can hold weight for up to 110 lbs
  • Input voltage is 110-240 volts
  • Desktop size of 48 inches (width) x 24 inches (diameter)
  • Noise level is only under 50 decibels
  • Has a temper glass tabletop.
  • Its actuator is Loctek Linear Motion-certified.

NOTE: Please remember that the following are not compatible to fit in this electric standing desk:

  • Foot Hammock FH01
  • Monitor Mounts
  • Cable Spine CMP017/Tray CMP502
  • Keyboard Tray KT2B

For more information about the EG8 manual, please access this pdf provided by Flexispot. You can also read more information about its warranty by clicking the Flexispot warranty page.

Comhar EG8 Electric Standing Desk Notable Features

Four Programmable Height Presets

Comhar EG8 Electric Standing Desk
(Photo : Flexispot)

Flexispot's EG8 desk is uniquely incomparable with its four customizable, and programmable height presets. The feature is intended for many users to select their chosen height setting regardless of whether they are in a workplace or at home. In addition, users can conveniently do more than sitting and standing, which is made possible with a lone click of a button.

Three Convenient USB Charging Ports

Comhar EG8 Electric Standing Desk
(Photo : Flexispot)

Say no to the messy table setup when charging your devices on your desk. Flexispot Comhar height adjustable desk contains three USB charging ports: one for USB Type-C port and two for USB Type-A port.

The nuisance of octopus wiring is completely solved by its organized union of ports for your electronic gadgets. You save more time and space from keeping them charged throughout your day-long job.

Convenient Pull-out Drawer Embedded in the Desktop

Comhar EG8 Electric Standing Desk
(Photo : Flexispot)

If you want to store more items, there's no need to stray away from your desktop, as the adjustable height desk itself will be the storage of your office and home supplies. Moreover, it is designed to maintain a top-quality and clean structure while preserving your equipment at the safest level.

Flexispot Comhar EG8 Electric Standing Desk Edge Over Other Desks

Comhar EG8 Electric Standing Desk
(Photo : Flexispot)

If there's a will, there's a way for this modern desk to be completely free from stains and scratches through its powder-coated steel tubing, which makes it more durable and stable to the most desirable degree.

More importantly, the EG8 desk has level glides that function as a stabilizer at the desk's bottom, in addition to its ability to maintain the desk's level in case its legs appear to be awkwardly irregular on the floor.

Even though adults are the usual users of these high-tech desks, the children can also use them since Comhar is perfectly morphed to adjust to the kids' height range (28.3 inches-47.6 inches).

For its installment, you only need to follow these three easy steps for a quick assembly:

Install the tabletop and the desk frame

Comhar EG8 Electric Standing Desk
(Photo : Flexispot)

Next, install the desk feet

Comhar EG8 Electric Standing Desk
(Photo : Flexispot)

Lastly, connect the power cords.

Comhar EG8 Electric Standing Desk
(Photo : Flexispot)

Flexispot Comhar EG8 Wonder Desk Price and Promo

At the moment, you can afford its friendly price tag of $429.99 (formerly $499), so you can save $70.

The ergonomic EG8 desk comes in two variations which are glass black and glass white. If you want to purchase the latter, you need to add $40. However, if you spend $500, you will get a $30 discount on Flexispot products.

On the other hand, if your purchase reaches the $600 mark, you can enjoy a perk of $50 off. So, for those who will check out in the cart, you can save an extra $40, so your shopping with Flexispot can be worthwhile for a moment. To go to the shopping cart, please click here.

For those who can't directly pay, Flexispot made it easier by implementing a monthly payment over 3, 6, or 12 months.

For the three-month payment, you need a downpayment of $147.01 per month. For a six -month payment, you can pay for a monthly amount of $74.90. Lastly, a 12-month duration will render you a $38.87 monthly payment.

To check if you are eligible for this purchase, click here.

You can also add accessories like the chair, desk organizer, casters, file cabinet, and more, along with your EG8 desktop purchase.

Watch this video to understand more information about this product.

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Comhar EG8 Electric Standing Desk
(Photo : Flexispot)

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