iPhone iOS 14.6 Battery Drain Issue Persists: Fixes, Tips, and What Apps to Delete

iPhone iOS 14.6 Battery Drain Issue Persists: Fixes, Tips, and What Apps to Delete
The new iOS 14.6 update is leaving users with fast-draining battery life. What can you do to fix that? Photo : Nubelson Fernandes/Unsplash

The new iOS 14.6 update rolled out recently, as bugs and malware were detected that had the potential to be very harmful to the users who still had iOS 14.5.1. The vulnerable devices that had the weakened security of the previous iOS were susceptible to hackers and other bad actors that could expose the user's sensitive information.

Apple urged its users to update to iOS 14.6 to fix the bugs and protect their devices once again. However, it seems like the early roll-out of the latest iOS update has exposed new problems for some users.

iPhone iOS 14.6 Battery Drain

The update seemed mild enough besides the bug fixes. ScreenRant noted improvements to AirTag trackers, the new functionality for the iPhone's Voice Control Feature, and Apple Card Family's new expense-tracking tools.

But soon, users who have done the upgrade started reporting a degradation in their iPhone's battery life. ScreenRant added that it is not uncommon for phones to drain more battery in the initial days of downloading new software updates, as it acquaints itself with the new OS. However, it seems like the problem is persisting.

Tom's Guide reported that various forums on the internet have opened up to talk about the abnormal battery drain in their devices, some even report overheating since they updated to the new iOS.

It affected users of even the latest models of the iPhone like the iPhone 12 mini. Basic tasks like checking their emails or browsing the web caused phones to overheat, some users reported.

An iPhone 7 user said their phone only lasted two hours before it was completely drained. One iPhone XS user added that their fully charged phone reached 30% overnight because of Siri, ScreenRant added.

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It is unsure just how widespread this problem is, as some iPhone users have not experienced this problem since the updating of the software. Apple has not yet confirmed its knowledge of this problem yet, either, according to Tom's Guide.

But seeing as this is a big enough scope of users that have been greatly inconvenienced, Apple better not take long to roll out the fix.

How to Fix The iPhone Battery Drain

As of writing, there is no clear or permanent solution for the iOS 14.6 problem until Apple themselves release a new update to fix it. However, users on the Apple Support Community have suggested a few temporary fixes.

One user mentioned that deleting the Apple Podcasts app, soft resetting their iPhone, and reinstalling the app "made a big difference in battery use." Other users seem to agree, pointing out that when checking the battery usage of the apps, the Podcasts app uses a great deal more battery than it should.

You can check your apps' battery usage by heading over to Settings > Battery. There you can see how much battery it uses up and how else it consumes battery life outside of actual app usage: background refresh, notifications and more.

The old "have you turned it off and turned it on again?" trick could jolt your device to work semi-normally again, as well. ScreenRant suggested leaving your iPhone turned off for about 30 seconds should do the trick and hopefully things run more smoothly.

Keeping your device in Low Power Mode can also extend its battery life.

iPhone Overheating Issue: Tips and Solutions

Should you find your device overheating as its battery strains, it would be best to stop using your phone. Turn off the apps running in the background and let the device rest.

If it is on a case, it's best to remove the case because it might trap the heat which would slow the cool-down of the device and could potentially harm the integrity of the battery.

If you can, turn the device off as well to shut everything down until it gets back to normal.

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