RockYou 2021 Breach Exposes 8.4 Billion Passwords: Check Now If Your Data Have Been Leaked!

RockYou 2021 Breach Exposes 8.4 Billion Passwords: Check Now If Your Data Has Been Leaked!
A password leak--called the RockYou 2021 breach--has been recently reported, and yours might be one of the 8.4 billion entries leaked on the internet. Photo : Ian Waldie/Getty Images

A password leak has been recently reported, and yours might be one of the 8.4 billion entries leaked on the internet. Online tools are available for you to quickly and easily check if your password is included in the security risk. Here is what you need to know about the RockYou 2021 breach.

Eleven years ago, RockYou was an infamous topic in the internet. Tech Crunch reported that RockYou was originally a social application site open to the public. However, RockYou experienced a data breach that leaked its users' personal information. A while after, a text file titled "RockYou"--with over 32 million user accounts and passwords--was made available on the internet.

After that, RockYou became associated with the TXT file containing the 32 million emails and their respective passwords. RockYou was infamously known as a password dictionary used by hackers.

RockYou 2021 Breach Exposes 8.4 Billion Passwords

Unfortunately, RockYou is back in 2021. Cybernews reported that RockYou has grown to a massive 100GB TXT file. The file contains over 8.4 billion entries of passwords. The entry numbers, however, are presumably combined with the prior 32 million listings.

RockYou2021 is a huge security risk for the victims included in its list. RockYou2021 could quickly be passed around the internet and the black market, where hackers can start stealing your personal information. Since most people reuse the same password across multiple apps and websites, more than one of your accounts could be hacked.

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Check Now If Your Data Have Been Leaked

There are two ways you could check if you are a victim of the RockYou 2021 data breach. Both are available internet tools you could quickly complete in a matter of minutes.

An Online Personal Data Leak checker would require you to provide your email or phone number for checking.

An Online Leaked Password checker would require you to put the password for checking.

It is recommended that you pick only one method for checking. First, input the information that you think has the highest risk for a data leak. Then, click on "Check Now," and the system would run a scan on their database and the RockYou 2021 file to see if the information you provided has been leaked.

What to Do if Your Data Have Been Leaked in RockYou 2021

Don't panic if the data check proves to find a positive match. Instead, you must immediately follow the instructions indicated below. Remember that your data being leaked does not mean that you are already being hacked. Instead, create counter-measures to avoid the same situation in the future.

  • If your data or password has been leaked, try using other online checkers to see how far your data has been leaked.
  • Data may have been leaked because your password is too simple. Generate a new and complex password that uses numbers and special characters
  • Enable two-factor authentication on all of your accounts.
  • Do not click open suspicious emails, texts, or messages on your account. Delete them immediately.

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