Do You Like to Play WoW? Here Are Some Helpful Tips for You

If you find yourself captivated by World of Warcraft, then you're in the right place. Especially if you're a newbie, there are still many things you can discover from this online role-playing game.

Do You Like to Play WoW? Here Are Some Helpful Tips for You
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What Is WoW?

World of Warcraft (WoW) is an online role-playing game that connects millions of players across the globe, gathering them in the game's setting of Azeroth. As a player, you can customize your own avatar, wrestle in battlegrounds, finish quests, and fight for your faction's cause.

To learn more about the interesting lore of WoW, there are many cinematic videos online you can check out.

10 Tips To Improve Your WoW Gameplay

Here are some ways you can become a better player in WoW:

1. Consistency Is Key

One sure way to be better at your WoW gaming is to keep practicing. In doing so, you'll be familiar with the keyboard and combinations you need when battling. You'll also be able to understand how both your character and your enemies work when gaming. Player-vs-Player or PvP games will help you the most as it's an individual battleground where you can hone your skills.  Always logging in to the game will also get you more bonuses and rewards.

2. Learn, Learn, and Learn Some More

The more you know about the mechanics of the game, the better is your chance to get through the arenas victorious. Start with the basics and gradually go to advanced manuals. Knowing how the game operates will help you make the right decisions and will aid you in choosing during critical moments to pick the right path to upgrade your character.

3. Build Connections

Being an active user of the game will give you access to more players that you can add as friends online. Having friends in WoW means you can play and experience the game together. Slowly, you can build your connections with other players and join guilds where you can have more bonuses and experience. Keep on trying new things and do proper research.

4. Use Power Leveling Services

You might think that in order to upgrade your character level, you need to keep on playing for endless hours. Fortunately, you're mistaken. WoW Power Leveling services refer to the process of leveling up a character as fast as possible. Players can ask for help from these services so they can efficiently promote their character to the next level.

5. Be Patient

Small skirmishes are to be expected in online games that cater to many players with different personalities. However, make sure that you don't engage in these fights that can escalate and drag out. Participating in these useless fights can remove the fun in gaming. Instead, use your energy to combat in-game battles to earn more XP.

6. Get Ready

Especially before raids, you should look up tactics that will help you win. There are countless tactics available online that can fit your style and your character's skills. You only have to look around, understand, and pick the ones that you're confident to do.

7. Grow From Your Mistakes

Don't take it to heart if you end up losing in any arena. This is all the more true when you're just starting out. Even the best players of the game have had their behind kicked when they were newbies. They identified why they lost and worked on that specific area of vulnerability to make their character stronger.

8. Acquire Add-Ons

Add-ons make your gameplay smoother and easier. Even if this is true, there isn't much documentation you can find about them in-game, but there are many online. These add-ons let you customize your gaming, change the user interface, and overall helps you in succeeding doing difficult challenges. Add-ons do many things, and you need to explore and experiment with them to discover what they are exactly.

9. Pick a Mentor

WoW has many participants, and along the way, you can find friends who are willing to assist you in learning more about the game. Instead of searching the internet for hours, you can just shoot them questions, and they can explain what they know depending on their experience and expertise. You'll not only get the answer you need, but you'll also be closer to them.

Take note, however, that no matter how detailed their answer is, it's still better to try it within the game so you experience it firsthand.

10. Play With Friends

The best way to learn and have fun at the same time is to play the game with your friends. Especially if they're also newbies to WoW, you'll form a bond and go through the highs and lows of the game together. Soon, you can also build a guild with them and add other players to work on the same goals, such as killing a boss, collecting loot, and progressing to the next level.

Knowing there are friends who are waiting for you in-game will also give you a sense of belongingness and anticipation.


There are many ways you can do to be better at your favorite online game. Depending on your available time and game objectives, you're free to do whichever above that fits your interest the best. Continue learning and have fun with WoW online.

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