Why Every Company Should Have Help Desk Software?

Why Every Company Should Have Help Desk Software?
Photo : Why Every Company Should Have Help Desk Software?

A business thrives on profits. 

Well, the source of the profits is its customer base. A company with a bond of trust, satisfaction, priority, and understanding of its consumers will always flourish throughout its life cycle. 

Now, customer relationships are vital, primarily catering to all complaints and issues they face regarding the product. A system that can register all customer's filings, direct them through proper channels, develop a knowledge base, and sort grievances effectively and efficiently without compromising the productivity of human capital is essential to be present in every company.

In a nutshell, this is Help Desk Software, a SaaS providing centralized information and support management service and handling a company's internal and external queries, including the functionalities mentioned above. It is one of the essential support arms of ITSM of a company.  

It is state-of-the-art software, which smoothens the entire after-sale experience for both the customers and the company, helping to make strategic, profitable use of technology and digitize business operations. It is an invaluable tool for businesses of all scales and sizes, as it caters, primarily, to one of the foundational pillars, Customers.

There are four types of helpdesk software, based on their functioning:

  • Web Help desk

  • On-premise Help desk

  • Enterprise Help desk

  • Open-Source Help desk

Numerous platforms provide these versions of help desk software in the market, such as Freshdesk, Zendesk, Zoho, etc.

Usage and Importance

Help desk software is not a mere solution to customer complaints. It encompasses multiple roles and functions and leaves a positive result on numerous aspects:

Customer Satisfaction

According to a study, as close as 42% of consumers expect responses to their queries in an hour. Help desk software helps your company meet this target and ensure prompt replies to customers. It enables your company to deliver First Contact Resolution.

A help desk ticketing system generates a ticket for all customers irrespective of their nature of contact, query, or complaint. No issue of any customer is left unattended. 

Based on priorities, the urgency of a ticket can be fast-tracked to avoid late actions. 

Help desk software also enables routing and allocation of queries through desired channels and to appropriate support staff. It also provides for cross-department functioning and helps all to keep tabs on the statuses of the grievances. It also provides self-service solutions to end-users through self-service logging, email integration, and automatic capture of tickets raised from any platform. This helps your company cater to all customers and widens the channels through which they can reach you. Ensure support, whenever and wherever. 


Help desk software saves time and cost. There is no further requirement to hire and train employees for handling consumer complaints or issues. Agents can make extensive use of this software to escalate tickets, sort them as per subjects, direct them to higher-ups as per requirements and manage all databases on a single platform. It also enables managers to focus their skills and attention on more complex matters by automating repetitive tasks and the availability of a repository of information to better tackle recurring consumer issues. Help Desk Migration also aids in the smooth transference of databases and files from one help desk software to another via API. This diagnoses the problem of shifting many data with due security, safety, and no loss of essential data during the process.


Help desk software aids in rationalized and time-saving workflow and operations. This software also provides knowledge databases to provide FAQs and maintain required records and daily reports. These also help your company to meet SLAs, CRM, and social media integration and exercise better control by managers. 

Help desk software is a complete solution to one of the significant aspects of your business. It can also provide germane market insights like frequent product complaints, consumer preferences, and incidental demographics. It forms an inherent and indispensable tool for your company to deliver standard customer support and due management


The leading providers of help desk software currently in the domain are Freshdesk and Zendesk. The competition is severe, with both platforms rendering their services in unique, innovative styles. Significantly, all companies are faced with the Freshdesk vs Zendesk dilemma when opting for helpdesk software. Both provide more or less the same functions. Although Freshdesk is budget-friendly, Zendesk is more robust and complicated. The basis of Freshdesk vs Zendesk is owing to their different workflows, ticketing, omnichannel, automation, analytics, and security.

However, a company can use both platforms as and when required with a smooth transition at minimal costs.

Help Desk Migration is the solution to Zendesk vs Freshdesk conundrum. This helps your company experience both and other platforms, as per the company's current requirements. Help Desk Migration is quick, easy, and affordable, with complete four-layered security. This shields your data and records from any lapses and leakage during the process. Help Desk Migration supports 60+ helpdesk platforms and enables your company to make wholesome benefits at reasonable costs. 

Nowadays, all companies bank on fit-for-purpose software to facilitate assistance to every facet of their operations. Help desk software and Held Desk Migration enable your company to make crucial changes, with no room for compromise swiftly. 


Freshdesk vs. Zendesk will continue, and so will the Help Desk Migration. These are essential in enhancing company image, reviews, and feedback from customers. A customer will spend 17% more for a good experience and 31% more on a company with good reviews. The numbers alone speak volumes of the availability of help desk software and incidental functions and services. 

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