How to Recover Lost Data from Formatted Hard Drive

How to Recover Lost Data from Formatted Hard Drive
Photo : How to Recover Lost Data from Formatted Hard Drive

People these days need to keep in mind a lot of information for all sorts of work ranging from work purposes to mundane situations in life. Thus, remembering everything all the time is not a feasible course of action. For that, people frequently depend upon data storage devices, as they're handy and practical. At any time, you may discover the necessary file at the HDD drive of your computer. However, nobody can foresee the unintentional formatting of such disks. In this case, your photos, videos, paintings, documents, songs, and different information are misplaced or gone forever.

Hard disk formatting approach to delete all of the stored data and information at the device and set a new file system to put together a new space and make that space available for the operating system. Disk formatting is the technique of getting ready a data and information storage tool along with a brutal force, sloid state drive for preliminary use. Formatting may be divided into three parts. In a few cases, formatting also can create one or greater new file systems. The first part of the formatting technique that plays simple media instruction is regularly considered as "low-degree formatting." Partitioning is the following part of the technique that makes the data storage tool seen to the operating system.

Ways to format hard disk:

Hard drive formatting is one of the best ways to rejuvenate your computer, and that is something that a median HDD experiences a few times in its existence. In maximum cases, significant loss of data may be because of hardware failure; however, at times, the motive is probably a human error. Sometimes people work up their hard drives without a proper backup system, which ends up causing up vanishing of essential and critical data.

One common form of hard drive formatting is the quick format.

Quick format is a quick and easy approach to erase/delete records from any or all sorts of storage devices. It gets rid of documents from the partition without scanning the disk for terrible sectors. When you short layout in most hard disks and another form of storage device, it overwrites the file system at the disk itself. The process creates a brand new Master Boot Record (MBR) that has essential data mostly about the contents of the storage device, ensuing in inaccessible records. The reasons behind why customers carry out quick formatting include: 

  • To do away with all of the records saved on the device. 

  • To alternate the file system type.

Another way of formatting is the entire format. A complete formatting or full formatting erases any documents from the disk, changes or maintains the record storage system, and tests the disk for terrible or faulty sectors. However, complete formatting takes drastically longer than the afro mentioned quick formatting. Windows helps each FAT and NTFS for both these types of formats. While complete formatting deletes documents from the drive, it isn't a stable answer for doing away with data; stable formatting calls for outside software.

Reasons to format hard disk:

  • Removing data

The most common and frequently used reason for formatting a hard disk is to get rid of the data. Suppose you are erasing the data to your very own use, inclusive of switching the HDD drive to a unique laptop or putting it as a secondary storage device. In that case, formatting is excellent even though it is now no longer secure. If you are getting rid of data to donate or promote a difficult force, you must not forget extra everlasting strategies for erasing essential records from your storage drive like the HDD drive.

  • Changing file system

There are multiple operating systems to be had on your HDD drive. For instance, Windows structures use the NTFS OS for hard drives, while OS X difficult drives are formatted into the HFS+ gadget, and Ubuntu drives use Ext4. The best data system that each OS can examine is FAT, which is the default for USB thumb drives. So if you are making plans to extrude the hard drive file system, whether or not it's on your pc or an external hard drive, formatting is the way to go.

  • Erasing partition

Most new computer systems include a rescue partition instead of a boot disc - which you may want while you ought to revert to an in advanced model or control your system. If you formerly partitioned your gadget to split partitions, including while dual-booting exclusive working systems, your pc treats every partition as its power. When formatting a hard disk, you could create an available partition in a region of numerous partitions, providing you with higher use of all of your HDD drive space. It is one of the best ways to repair corrupted partition tables.

  • Changing operating system

Just due to the fact your pc got here with Windows does not suggest you are caught with it; you would possibly need to extrude to a competing running device. You additionally would perhaps want to improve an antique pc to a more modern running device. Whatever the case, if you need to get a clean beginning with a brand new OS, formatting is the way to go. It eliminates preceding device documents and settings and guarantees that you are now no longer bringing any antique bloatware or malware over out of your antique OS.

Steps to recover data:

Several applications present that help you deal with recovering lost data when you format your hard disk or any other type of storage device. Wondershare Recoverit is one of the best applications that you can use to recover lost data after formatting your HDD drive.

Wondershare Recoverit data restoration software program is a DIY software program that could bring back your lost essential data files from a short formatted hard drive. 

With assistance from this top-tier software program, you may get back all the data misplaced because of logical issues, including unintended deletion, corruption withinside the drive, or formatting of the HDD drive. The software program is relatively straightforward to execute, and it bears excellent results with a hundred percent accuracy every time.

Step 1:

Go to your start button, and in the search box, find the Wondershare Recoverit application.

Step 2:

Launch the app.

Step 3:

The Wondershare Recoverit application opens in a window. Look for a formatted hard disk on the screen and click on it.

Step 4:

This intelligent software will then open up a new window to visually show you all the drives that it is searching through and scanning. This step was looking for all the lost data and files when you formatted your drive.

Step 5:

Once the search is done, the following window will open, showing you all the lost files in the form of the list. You can see all the files and data that were once lost. 

Step 6:

Once you find the file, you desire to recover, select the file and click on the recover button given below.


Formatting a hard disk or any other storage device is one of the most common things people do to keep their computers fresh and secure. But when one formats their hard drive, all that is stored in it is lost. Then people stress about how to get them back. However, there is a way that people can get all such data back to their hands. This can be possible with a data recovery software application called Wondershare Recoverit. With this software, it becomes straightforward to catch hold of all the previously considered lost data and all this by following only a few steps. This app is one of the finest out there and is an app that is high in demand these days, and you are highly recommended to check it out as soon as possible.

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