Afraid Your iPhone Is Hacked? Special App Helps You Detect Major Threats, Spyware!

Afraid Your iPhone Is Hacked? Special App Helps You Detect Major Threats, Spyware!
Sometimes it can be difficult to fully tell if your iPhone is hacked. With this app, it can scan your iPhone to see if hackers have attacked your device or not. It can also help your strengthen the security of your device and online accounts to make sure no hackers can steal your data. Photo : Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

Although Apple prides itself on having a secure iOS, nothing is guaranteed to be airtight. Hackers have been very creative and  persistent with their attacks that any small vulnerability can and will be exploited to carry out their malicious intentions. If you think your iPhone is hacked, here is an app you can download to help add a level of security to your device.

How Do I Know If My iPhone Is Hacked?

Hacks are usually successful when the iPhone owner opens a link containing the malware hackers need to attack your iPhone. They can send out the malware link via SMS, e-mail or any other messaging app.

Malware can also enter your device through apps infected with malicious software. If your iPhone is jailbroken, this could leave you more vulnerable to these sorts of malicious apps. Zero-click attacks, which require no participation from the iPhone owner to be deployed, have also become a popular form of attack.

If you are experiencing unusual performance issues with your iPhone such as rapid battery draining or overheating, this can be a sign of your iPhone being hacked, Reader's Digest pointed out. This is because the hackers are working in the background extracting data from the phone. Coupled with unusual data usage spikes as hackers need wifi to download the data off your phone to wherever they are, this could be a big warning sign to check whether or not this is just a phone performance issue or if you are being attacked by a hacker.

Hackers will always look for bugs and vulnerabilities in the Apple iOS to exploit.

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iVerify: Personal Security Toolkit

According to BGR, this security app is something everyone needs to know about.

At $2.99, iVerify is a mobile security toolkit that manages the security of your iOS device and catches modifications done to your iPhone that could be a red flag for a hacker attack.

iVerify also makes it very convenient to manage the security of your accounts and wherever you have online presence in easy and simple instructional guides.

It currently has a 4.7 star-rating on the App Store from over 1,400 users. The app also offers a version of the app for organizations to manage the security of the entire team. The app charges $3 per user per month after an initial seven-day trial period of the iVerify for organizations app, BGR said.

The "Protection Guides" iVerify offer are summaries and instructions that take you step by step to teach you how to add more security layers to your device and online accounts to better protect it. It also helps secure the accounts you have online that can be hacked by malicious actors.

An android version of iVerify should be available soon as well, BGR noted.

It is alway best to stay vigilant and be critical of any messages or emails you receive from an unknown sender. Do not open any suspicious links or download any apps that do not have a reputable developer.

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