Apple fingerprint scanner patent hints biometric scanner on iPhone 5S

Since the iPhone 5 is expected to use the same case design as the current iPhone 5, Apple is believed to be adding a new killer feature in the form of a biometric fingerprint scanner. A newly issued patent awarded to Apple adds further fuel to the fire.

When Apple introduced the iPhone 4S, it appeared almost identical to the iPhone 4. It had the same aluminum and glass case found on its predecessor but there was a new feature the company added that would only be on that device - it was Siri. Siri was the exclusive killer feature that Apple used to tempt current and new iPhone users to want to purchase the iPhone 4S. The company is expected make a similar move with the iPhone 5S in the form of a biometric fingerprint scanner.

Countless rumors and analysts have claimed that the iPhone 5S will ship with a biometric fingerprint scanner as one of its major new features. It would also allow further iOS growth in enterprise environments for Apple. The company has just been awarded a new patent for a fingerprint scanner that is integrated directly into the bezel of a device. The scanner would work by the user swiping a finger over the surface of the embedded sensor. The sensor would then capture thin strips of the user's fingerprint as it is swiped; the fingerprint is then assembled by using software for user authentication. The patent doesn't go into any detail on how it will be used, but it would likely unlock the 5S and possibly be used to store passwords, credit cards, and more.

Apple has been rumored to be adding this feature to future Mac computers and iOS devices for a few years. It was awarded a patent in 2012 for a fingerprint scanner for use as an e-commerce and general security feature. The company also further fueled rumors when it acquired AuthenTec, a mobile security company last year. When Apple acquired the company, it also got 200 patents covering security solutions, including biometric fingerprint sensors. The newly awarded patent could be a clue that the iPhone 5S will include a fingerprint scanner.

Apple has started addressing security in iOS devices more seriously in recent months and even started working with the NYPD in February to track down stolen iOS devices in New York City. The company also showed off a new feature in iOS 7 called Activation Lock, which requires a user's Apple ID and password to activate a device even if the device is completely erased.

However, we'll have to wait until September to see if the fingerprint scanner is going to be the iPhone 5S' Siri.

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