VoIP By Aircall Provides Effective Solution For Business Communication

VoIP By Aircall Provides Effective Solution For Business Communication
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Effective communication improves workplace productivity. Employees, team members, and others interact through phone calls. VoIP has greatly improved communication. Instead of using a mobile or landline network, it allows you to make calls through the internet. The voip by aircall provides a solution for business communication.

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) refers to placing and receiving phone calls over an internet connection. Unlike traditional telephony, it depends on digital lines for the transmission of voice traffic. The former relies on mobile networks, cable systems, and physical phone lines for cellular and landline telephone calls.

Through VoIP, you can transmit voice, video, and data to various devices such as IP phones, smartphones, tablets, and laptops. With the proliferation of broadband, IP telephony has become an ideal means of communication for businesses. It costs much lower than using normal phone lines or mobile networks. 

Due to its cost-effectiveness, it is the best choice of phone service for businesses that make unlimited calls. Aircall's software and other software communication systems use VoIP to provide solutions for business communications. They also allow individuals to utilize internet telephony. Some of these systems not only allow voice calls but also chat, video, and more features.

How VoIP Works

With a VoIP system like the VoIP by aircall, you don't need a local phone service or mobile network to make a call. The system converts analog voice signals into digital signals and transmits them as data over a broadband line. The converted voice signals travel in the form of small data packets between your device and the VoIP provider.

The VoIP system transmits the packets over LAN (local area network) or any network compatible with the VoIP technology. Your IP phone connects to the network. When you place a call, your VoIP service provider calls the dialed number. The service provider exchanges data packets from the dialed phone with those from your phone.

Then your IP phone reconverts the received digital signals to sound. When you place a call over the broadband internet connection, the VoIP system bypasses the telephone company. The conversion of voice signals to data packets allows the system to transmit more information than the normal telephone service.

Besides the voice calls, the VoIP allows you to utilize applications like email, voicemail, faxes, call recording, and web conferences. These features enhance communication among your employees and increase their productivity. The VoIP by aircall can operate between different VoIP app, cell phones, and desk phones.

With the VoIP service, international and long-distance calls are free. You only pay for internet access. As a result, you spend less on communication services. Besides, most VoIP providers set up the system such that you can use other phones for IP telephony. Your employees can utilize the VoIP system without IP-enabled phones.

Benefits of VoIP System

VoIP enhances business communications. Also, it offers features that are costly to implement in the traditional telephone system. There are other benefits you will enjoy when you switch to a VoIP system.


The VoIP system continues to function efficiently when you place multiple calls on a broadband phone line. There is no need for more physical lines when you add telephone lines to your business. The scalability of VoIP by aircall improves business communications. 


VoIP allows businesses and consumers to make calls at rates lower than the normal phone bills. You can save on the cost of communication services. Besides, you can make long-distance and international calls at low rates or even free.

Advanced Features

Call forwarding, call recording, voicemail, caller ID, auto attendants are standard features with VoIP system. They are part of phone service plans for businesses. These features are easy to organize and manage. However, telecommunication companies charge extra costs for them.

Remote work

VoIP is ideal for employees who work from home. They have a variety of options to communicate with their teammates. You don't need a technical setup to utilize the system. With aircall's software for VoIP, you can easily work with your remote employees. Despite their location, add them to the organization's phone system. The users can access the company's phone system from their mobile phones, tablets, or laptops.

Unified Communications (UC)

The VoIP system offers a platform, Unified Communications, for real-time interaction among employees. This feature improves your team's workflow and productivity through screen sharing and meeting over video. Instant messaging, team chats, conference calling, video meetings, screen sharing, desktop, and mobile apps are the functions of UC.

Improved Customer Service

Your business can enhance its customer service using applications that increase efficiency. Customers can place free calls across to contact centers. Besides, the VoIP system offers them various channels through which they can connect with your business.

Some VoIP communication software also offers fax and email features. VoIP by aircall provides solutions that will not only improve business communications but also productivity. The VoIP system is easy to implement and at a low cost. Through an internet connection, it offers excellent call quality.

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