Elon Musk's 'Terminator' AI Warning Comes Resurfaces; New Doomsday Tweet Goes Viral!

Elon Musk's 'Terminator' AI Warning Comes Resurfaces; New Doomsday Tweet Goes Viral!
Because of his deep concern over the dominance of artificial intelligence-powered robots, Elon Musk announced that Tesla is developing a useful humanoid robot called Optimus. Photo : Patrick Pleul - Pool/Getty Images

Billionaire mogul Elon Musk has always been a passionate futurist in his remarks about innovations pushed by the companies he leads.

In his Twitter account, Musk frequently mentioned how such innovation is set to rule people's lives--sometimes even hinting a sort of a doomsday vision in his most recent, viral tweet, as reported by the Daily Express.

But among all the innovations he espouses, there is only one that he has shown deep concern: artificial intelligence (A.I.).

Through the years, Musk cautioned people about AI, specifically AI-powered robots, as he even forecasted "scary outcomes" such as in the James Cameron film "The Terminator." Because of this, Musk has seemed to be revisiting such nightmarish cinematic scenes in trying to save the world from such an abhorring eventuality of being overrun by AI robots, again in a grand futuristic declaration.

Elon Musk AI Warning Resurfaces  After Tesla Bot Reveal

Musk announced that his electric vehicle company, Tesla, will build a humanoid robot prototype, called the "Tesla Bot," CNBC reported. During Tesla's "A.I. Day" on August 19, Musk said a prototype of the Tesla Bot would be completed in 2022. A futurist to a fault, however, Musk tends to overshoot his deadlines and underdeliver.

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While Musk generally supports A.I., he has expressed concern over its application and advancement in robotics, as he always cite a film that was released in his early teens. He told CNBC in 2014 that there have been movies like "The Terminator" with "scary outcomes" that make him "keep an eye on what's going on with artificial intelligence."

Musk would mention "The Terminator" again in 2017 when he described his neurotechnology startup Neurolink--which seeks to develop brain implants that will link with computers--as that preventive tool against Skynet, the antagonist in the 1984 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. In a tweet, Musk remarked in a tweet that the idea for Neurolink is the "aspiration to avoid AI becoming other."

He would further warn this danger of having "robots (that) will be able to do everything better than us" in his speech before the National Governors Association. Having exposure to the most cutting edge AI, Musk stressed "people should be really concerned by it."

And commenting on a viral video of Boston Dynamics' parkour-performing robot, Musk said the acrobatic moves was "nothing." The robot, he added, will "move so fast, you'll need to a strobe light to see it." He concluded the tweet with "Sweet dreams..."

Tesla Bot 'Optimus' to Complete Complex, Useful Tasks

The Tesla Bot, codenamed Optimus, will stand 5-foot-8, weigh 125 pounds with human-like hands and feet and a visual sensor as its eye, CNBC further noted. The automaker will work on discarding the bot's "dangerous, repetitive, boring tasks." The bot, he said, can be ordered to complete complex, useful tasks, such as fixing cars or buying groceries

Analysts, however, are not too excited about Musk's Tesla Bot reveal, as they question its timing. Per CNBC, Wedbush Securities analyst Daniel Ives described it as "headscratcher" since such bots are "not what investors want to see."

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