10 Cool Apps for IP Geolocation

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Using GPS or IP addresses, also known as location technology, is beneficial for the identification and tracking of connected electronic devices, hence popularly referred to as geolocation. We mainly use geolocation for tracking the actions and locating people for surveillance.

The financial service industry is among the thousands that extensively use geolocation technology to protect their customers from fraud cases. Also, they provide customers with necessary information about the nearby services, however this system may be an unwanted threat to a person's privacy.


Geolocation has a wide variety of uses and purposes. You can  geolocate IP addresses to discover countries, states, cities, or even postal codes. Time zones and exact positioning coordinates used for tracking wildlife or cargo shipments can be determined by geolocation. Have you ever wanted to find an item in a nearby store while shopping online, or searched for the closest ATM? If yes, then you have used geolocation services.

The ongoing progression of geolocation technology has indeed made things so convenient as now humans can locate things with the help of the internet. Finding a restaurant or a lost cell phone isn't that a big deal in today's world with the introduction of such an imperative technology.

The evolution of technology has become one of the remarkable revolutionary changes of the 21st century. Technological growth has paved the way for humans to adopt better features to create, communicate, and operate. The industries use developed technology for recognizing and targeting consumers based on location.


Have you encountered the concept of IP geolocation earlier or is this the first time?  This article will help you comprehend everything in a more detailed way. Finding the location of an internet-connected computing or mobile device is easier with IP geolocation.

First, you will require a target's IP address and then use a geolocation lookup tool to get started. You might think about the uses of IP geolocation. The responsibility of a geolocation tool lies in serving information for a particular IP address. Insert the IP address into the geolocation tool and receive the location of your target, it's that simple.


Many apps use geolocation that can help you receive information, track others, and expand the range of your business. Below, we have listed some cool APIs that offer geolocation to cater to your needs.

1. Abstract IP geolocation API

Top engineers and organizations around the globe run on Abstract. Their IP geolocation API responds in the lightweight JSON format and serves highly accurate data for geolocation, longitude/latitude, timezone, connection, and checks for VPN. Abstract's modern REST API is updated daily and supports CSV uploads for bulk queries.

Abstract's library of APIs ranges from IP geolocation to email verification, worldwide phone validation, and web scraping. They are one of the API providers where you can get the fastest response. 

2. Telize

The service of Telize is to get visitors' IP addresses and query their location information. The well-known company was a public API previously, and it returns JSON-encoded IP geolocation data and encourages Cross-origin sharing and JSONP.

3. Apility.io

Formerly known as Moocher.io., an IP geolocation API that is free and returns the location of any IP that includes continent, country, region, city, postal codes, latitude, and longitude, autonomous system, and reverse hostname. One needs to follow IP domains, emails, passwords, credit card BIN/IIN to work with this IP geolocation API.

4. GeoPlugin

Claimed to be the original and largest free IP geolocation web service established in the year 2006, GeoPlugin also includes currency conversion built in it. GeoPlugin has integrations for JSON, PHP, ASP, JAVAScript, etc.

5. Weatherbit

One of the top-rated weather APIs that is popular among thousands of developers around the world. The geolocation IP API of Weatherbit allows the user to get hold of a visitor's IP address, and the API also returns JSON, JSONP, and plaintext.

6. IPregistry

IPregistry can be a perfect partner to pinpoint user's locations, enforce GDPR Compliance, and detect proxies, Tor exit nodes, spammers, bad bots, and other experiences as well.

7. IP Geo Location

Do you want to get detailed information about the IP location of your visitors? Then, IP Geo Location is the right API. They provide you with enough data, and their information includes knowledge about the country, city, state, time zone, longitude, and latitude, etc. Also, the IP Geolocation API returns ASN, city population, currency, postcode information, and many more.

8. BigData Cloud

Powered by Next Generation IP Geolocation Technology, BigData Cloud delivers several APIs that include time zone, geocoding, and IP geolocation as well. Providing an IP Geolocation service with Confidence Area is one of their specialties.


Mostly convenient for minor projects, IPWHOIS.io helps in customizing content based on a visitor's location, performs bulk IP geolocation, and displays full country names.

10. ClearIP

Location-aware web and mobile applications can be built from the ClearIp API. Based on an IP, the API returns include country, country flag, latitudes and longitudes, time zone, country code, currency, calling codes, etc.


One can use IP-based geolocation for different purposes than to locate online visitors. Let us take a note of a few of them:

1. Showing the business opening hours

Have you ever opened a page or a website of a particular shop and noticed their given business hours? Yes, now that's possible with IP-based geolocation.

2. Translates languages based on location

 It is expensive, time-consuming, and challenging to maintain a complete translation of a site. Therefore, it's better that you choose the user's geolocation to translate key messages like titles and calls to action, as it might reduce the bounce rate and develop the conversion rates.

3. Redirect visitors to a page

What can be more beneficial than using a feature to deliver content that is more targeted and consistent? Geolocation helps you to take such benefits.

4. Different offers are shown to users from different areas

You can use IP-based geolocation to feature different products to users. When one user can receive a physical product, others from a different location can get another online opportunity.


Among the wide range of APIs, choose the one that will be beneficial for you. Get real-world experiences with IP-based geolocation, and it can for sure protect you from serious fraud cases.

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