Mark Cuban Slams Labor Data; Predicts Big Boom for Climate Change Jobs

Mark Cuban Slams Labor Data; Predicts Big Boom for Climate Change Jobs
Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban tweeted not to trust the latest job data from the labor bureau as he predicted that climate change related jobs might skyrocket soon. Photo : Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Curious about current job vacancies and postings? Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics warned graduates about the little market demand and job openings in some industries. However, billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban tweeted not to trust the data and even predicted that climate change related jobs might skyrocket soon.

One deciding factor for many college students is the job availability of their selected program. After graduation, these students hope to land a stable job and earn enough income to support themselves. Unfortunately, some things changed due to the pandemic.

On top of virtual classroom struggles, market demand and the global economy have taken heavy damage from the pandemic. A recent tweet posted showed this data.

Catastrophic Damage: So Little Demand

Twitter user Kyle Kashuv recently tweeted an image credited to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Center for Education. It is a bar graph showing the number of graduates with technical majors in blue and the number of job openings in pink. Overall, the chart showed that graduates far outnumber job openings. The user referred to this development as catastrophic.

However, Mark Cuban disagreed with the data. For one thing, the data dates back to 2015 and 2016. Cuban called this a "Pre AI boom" season. Also, the data did not include Health Care segments, which should have recieved a lot of activity given current circumstances. Moreover, Cuban noticed how the data excluded plant-based consumer products and jobs.

To further counter the argument, Cuban predicted a big boom on climate change related jobs. Unfortunately, Cuban does not elaborate on its timeline.

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Mark Cuban Tweets: The Man Behind Dallas Mavericks

Cuban's tweet sparked an argument on the internet. It is worth noting that Cuban is a successful American billionaire, which adds credibility to his sentiment.

According to his Forbes profile, Cuban ranks 655th in the top Billionaires for 2021 at the time of writing. He has an average net worth of $4.5 billion. Some of Cuban's notable achievement was the founding of video portal Broadcast, the ownership of NBA franchise Dallas Mavericks, and his mission-driven company Luminaid.

Fans are anticipating to see if Cuban's prediction would come to pass.

Healthcare Workers Are Quitting: Job Openings Take a New High

In relation to Cuban's prediction, The Dallas Morning News reported high job openings for healthcare workers last Thursday evening.

Before the pandemic, health jobs used to have 5,200 local employees. Unfortunately, due to personnel burnout, labor shortages and higher expenses, hospitals report losing over 500,000 health workers, a record-high number. The job openings in the sector skyrocketed to 1.79 million, also a new record high.

Since Cuban's predictions on the health sector proved to be true, fans anticipate if the climate change jobs would also have a similar boom.

However, it is important to keep in mind that not all predictions are absolute. Since Cuban never specified the date, the climate change job boost might happen any time this year or the next.

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