Amazon Halo View Health Tracker: Specs, Battery Life and More Features

Amazon Halo View Health Tracker: Specs, Battery Life and More Features
Amazon launched its new fitness band Halo View health tracker with incredible features that competes to Fitbit and Apple Fitness. Photo : Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

During Amazon's fall hardware event, one of the most astonishing and gushed about technology was the introduction of Amazon's Astro robot. The e-commerce giant also announced the product launching of Amazon Glow and the anticipated Amazon Halo View fitness tracker along with health-related services inclined to it, such as nutrition and workout. 

According to TNW news, Amazon publicized their version of a health tracker on Tuesday, a competing product of Apple Watch and Google's FitBit. The product is officially called Halo View and was announced to retail for only $79.99. 

Halo View Inclusion

The new fitness tracker ought to be the most significant upgrade from last year's screen-less Halo band. Halo View will come out later this year and will include a color screen that previous Amazon fitness trackers did not have. The color screen will display notifications, fitness statistics, and time. 

In addition, Amazon announced that it will incorporate a new feature called the always-listening mic, which is a way for users not to use the emotion detection directly from the band, but it still lives in the app. 

Amazon proclaimed that the new upgraded feature will have a seven-day Halo View battery life once the user can fully charge the fitness tracker in 90 minutes. 

The upgraded product is set to be customizable to each customer's liking, and the bands can be changed out.  

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New Features of Halo View

Amazon revealed that the Halo View fitness tracker will now contain hundreds of workout options to cater to different wants and needs by their customers delivered through videos. The gadget was said to come with a one-year Amazon Halo View subscription that is free upon purchase. 

The e-commerce giant announced that the Halo View subscription would be free for a year if you buy the new Halo View, and the monthly subscription will cost $4/month afterwards. The new features in Amazon's fitness band will include Alexa integration, Amazon's body composition scanning, sleep analysis, and an activity points system. 

Guided workout videos in yoga, cardio, conditioning, and strength training will also be available as part of the said subscription. An extensive amount of nutrition-related content is also part of Halo View's new features, including a nutritional trainer that makes healthy meal planning recommendations, a grocery list, and recipes, all made available to the public by next year. 

It will give the users a great option to create a meal plan tailored for their own nutritional needs. Amazon added that there would be a wide array of choices in nutritious recipes, at least containing 500 recipes from Amazon's Whole Foods Market and other partner companies like Lifesum and Weight Watchers. 

Amazon's affordable monthly subscription for its fitness band challenges the competing brands, such as Fitbit Premium and Apple Fitness+. 

Apple Fitness+ has a monthly subscription of $10 a month, including guided meditation and workout videos. While the Fitbit Premium offers the same $10 per month subscription that provides blood glucose trends, mindfulness sessions, exclusive workouts, and sleep score breakdown.  

Kif Leswing of CNBC reported that Amazon would begin to ship the new fitness band before this year's holidays start.


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