Crypto Hamster Goes Viral After Beating Human Investors: Who Is Mr. Goxx, How Does He Trade?

Crypto Hamster Goes Viral After Beating Human Investors: Who Is Mr. Goxx, How Does He Trade?
A hamster from Germany making better trades and beating well-established fund managers. Photo : MUSTAFA OZER/ Getty Images

A hamster named Mr. Goxx is killing it in the cryptocurrency market and is consistently winning the game.

Since June of this year, a cryptocurrency trader, which happens to be a hamster named Mr. Goxx, became popular for having its independent portfolio that trades from its state of the art cage, also known as the Goxx Box. The trading portfolio of this furry animal includes Bitcoin, TRON, and Ethereum.

Mr. Goxx is famous for earning a decent amount of money with an impressive performance in his cryptocurrency trading career with about a 20% winning rate, defeating numerous veteran professional traders and fund managers, all while being a hamster.

The extraordinary business-savvy hamster has a trading office inside its regular cage. On a daily basis, when Mr. Goxx is ready to trade, he enters his office and starts a Livestream on Twitch that will alert his Twitter followers that he is about to start his trading session. Mr. Goxx's trading office has a unique set-up of two tunnels, one indicating buy and the other one, sell.

The hamster chooses the cryptocurrency he wants to trade based on his intentional wheel and spins on it to explore different options. Mr. Goxx makes and completes a trade through running the tunnel, which is wired to his office electronics.

BBC reported that the mastermind behind the furry cryptocurrency trader is two German men in their 30s who prefer to be anonymous. They said that the reason behind the creation of Mr. Goxx is inspired by the reality of their generation today, where everything is extremely expensive.

A lot of people see no other way of being able to trade cryptocurrency than throw their savings in without having ample education about it. With that, the human behind Mr. Goxx posts all about its trade, buy and sell options on Twitter and Reddit. The furry guy has his office hours, and real-time cryptocurrency updates can be followed on Reddit and Twitter.

Mr. Goxx the Hamster started as a joke between these two men about who can make the smartest investment decisions, the hamster or the humans.

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Mr. Goxx Trading

According to CNN Business, the hamster started trading cryptocurrency, placing an order for Stellar (XLM) on June 12 with €326. The two men behind the hamster admitted to a highly patchy first month in the trading field. A month after that, with 95 orders placed, Mr. Goxx's trading capital was down 7.3%.

However, after a few months of consistent work, as of September 27, the career performance of the hamster soared high to 20% -- an astonishing feat for anyone. The trading returns of Mr. Goxx are way better than those of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway (BRKB), whose shares have dropped by 2% at a similar time frame, and Bitcoin and the S&P 500, which have risen about 14% and 5% respectively.

Prominent financial experts argue that even the well-respected and experienced asset-picking portfolio managers still have the chance of losing to money-making stock picks by throwing darts to a board.

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