Best Ways To Relive Your Harry Potter Fandom (Quizzes & More)

Best Ways To Relive Your Harry Potter Fandom (Quizzes & More)
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Harry Potter is a once-in-a-lifetime series that has won trillions of hearts globally. A majority of us have spent our childhood binge-watching and reading the Harry Potter series, watching Harry Potter relish us to a fantasy land where the magic of the wand exists. Remember those childhood days when we used to rehearse magical phrases with our friends and how we wished to choose a house for us out of the four.

Now, when we look back at the time, we find ourselves all nostalgic and wonder how joyful those Harry Potter days were. Deep down, we crave to relive those Harry Potter days again but don't know-how.

We have good news for you guys. We have assembled some best ideas to relive your beloved Harry Potter fandom. So, without any further delay, let's get started.

Online Quizzes

One of the best approaches to relive Harry Potter fandom is via online quizzes. We are still living in a covid situation and many countries are still imposing restrictions on people meeting. In times like this, celebrating and reliving those golden days of Harry Potter fandom through playing online quizzes will be a smart option. There are several dedicated sites for online quizzing and the most beloved one is QuizExpo.

Remember in the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, when the new students were admitted to Hogwarts. They were designated houses according to their qualities by a sorting hat and you wished to know the name of the house in which you belong. Playing the Hogwarts house quiz will help you to identify the name of the house. The Hogwart house quiz will provide you with warming up information and insight about the four houses named Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. You need to answer a few questions which help to identify the house you belong to. Now, you are all set to play the Hogwart house quiz. All the best and I hope you don't get Slytherin.


Podcasts are yet another way to relive the Harry Potter fandom. The Potterheads get regular insights and the latest updates about the conversation in the fandom. The two most loved podcasts of all time, known as MuggleCast and PotterCast have achieved the top rank in Apple iTunes. In the podcast, you get to listen to some facts, unknown stories, trivia, incidents, and a lot more. You even get to listen to the interviews with people involved in the film and books. All in all, you can truly count on Podcasts to relive the Harry Potter days.

Fan Fiction

Fanfiction is yet another excellent way of relieving Harry Potter fandom. Fanfiction involves concocting stories that revolve around Harry Potter themes, or characters, or just names. As stated by Wikipedia, Harry Potter fan fiction is the most searched subject over the internet.

Fans concoct stories that reveal the past or the future of Harry Potter, or the fans write stories that have little connection with the original Harry Potter story. Several websites are dedicated to Harry Potter fan fiction, where you can donate your stories and read the ones by others to relive the Harry Potter fandom.


Fan Film and Television

Fan film and television is the extended version of fan fiction. In fan film and television, fans make movies instead of just writing stories that revolve around the characters or theme of Harry Potter. There are several movies and series available online which you can watch and relive your favorite Harry Potter fandom.


Harry Potter fandom has extended to town festivals. Potterheads around the globe come to attend these festivals with zest. Some of the most celebrated festivals of the time include Chestertown Harry Potter Festival, Chestnut Hill Harry Potter Festival, Edgerton's Harry Potter Festival, and the Spellbound Festival. These festivals host everything for the people's entertainment, from food and beverages to music and dance.

People in these festivals come dressed according to the theme. These festivals usually have a cinema hall where people can see the Harry Potter series.

Role-Playing games

Remember the Quidditch match from the Harry Potter series?

I'm sure you wish to play the Quidditch match with your friends too.

In roleplaying games usually includes re-enacting or planning an original Quidditch team. Different fandoms around the world may have different rules and playing styles. But, all of them try to grasp the details of the game as shown in Harry Potter. In 2006, the Lumos symposium introduced a Quidditch tournament that was played in the water. You can even play roleplaying games online, you can find multiple good options online, where you could get some real experience.

Iconic landmarks to visit       

Remember those iconic train scenes on the highland hills. It is the Glenfinnan Viaduct, an astonishing 21- curved viaduct. I'm sure once, in your life, you fancy hitting that place. You have a chance now.

One of the most thrilling ways to relive the magic of Harry Potter is by touring iconic landmarks. Several travel agencies have dedicated a division to creating tours that highlight the world of Harry Potter. The two most renowned travel agencies are HP Fan Trips and Your Man, designed by and for the Potterheads around the world. These tours cover locations that are originally used in shootings. These locations include Alnwick Castle, Glenfinnan viaduct, Christ Church Cathedral. Revisiting iconic landmarks hands-down is the most exciting way to relive the magic of Harry Potter.


Long back in time, when the Harry Potter books were first released, fans used to organize midnight parties to celebrate. Now, fans can throw a get-together to relive those golden times of Harry Potter. You can have a discussion, a debate, or you can re-watch the Harry Potter series to freshen your memory. So, what are you waiting for, send-in in your invites, grab buckets of popcorn and cold drinks, and relive the magic of Harry Potter?

These are some of the best ideas to relive your beloved Harry Potter fandom. All of the above-mentioned ideas are marvelous in their respective places. But, the idea that is emerging as the most loved is online quizzes.

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