How To Check If You're Infected by FluBot; Ways To Remove and Prevent Malware

How To Check If You're Infected by FluBot; Ways To Remove and Prevent Malware
FluBot is malware infecting numerous Android devices. The FluBot malware has the capabilities to hack data and steal identities, affecting millions all over the globe. Photo : GABRIEL BOUYS / Getty Images

FluBot is the root cause of causing a growing concern towards citizens affected by the FluBot malware. People with Android phones have filed thousands and thousands of complaints regarding the exceptionally dangerous malware received via strange text messages. The FluBot malware infecting our devices is inside the link in these strange text messages everybody is receiving.

What Is FluBot?

As reported by Amaysim, FluBot is a type of malware. Even without the user's understanding, this type of malware still has the capability to install itself on our Android device. The FluBot malware targets those who are using Android smartphone devices. 

Cybercriminals send FluBot through SMS translated into three different languages, Hungarian, Polish and German. In the text message received, a link allows anyone who clicks it to download from a fraud website known to many as FedEx.

These fake mock-up websites of FedEx allow users to download an APK file or Android Package file that voluntarily downloads FluBot malware to the device. In other scenarios, the FluBot will disguise itself as an app containing a voicemail or an application containing tracking details to a parcel.

Text messages are the instrument used to spread this FluBot malware like wildfire. If you happen to open these text messages, it would often just look like random and misspelled messages like this: "efgh2 You have a missed call. Callerlfrtamssafge." However, a link follows this message. 

How Does FluBot Affect Users?

According to PCrisk, cybercriminals disseminate FluBot by using SMS. These are messages in unfamiliar languages always followed by a link including a fake tracking website meant to download an APK file. In the course of installing the website, the FluBot malware will ask for numerous permissions.

This permission includes analyzing contacts, writing, sending, and reading messages, understanding the current state of your device, keeping the phones awake, posting and creating notifications,  initiate phone calls without going to the Dialer interface, allow applications to open the network sockets, and many more. In conclusion, FluBot is a highly destructive malware.

In addition, without the user's knowledge and through the Command and Control server, the FluBot malware can obtain commands, including instructions to upload messages, uninstall applications, and block cards. All these can also obtain contact lists and dismantle Google Play Protect. However, the most threatening of all is when FluBot hacks our data containing your credit card details. All of these actions are used to steal identities. 

FluBot is malware targeting different people in different countries.

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How To Check If Your Device Is Infected

There is difficulty in detecting whether your device has been infected by the FluBot malware, and just as tricky as catching if your device is sending out messages containing FluBot. However, here are warning signs that you could use to observe: 

  1.  In different countries, your respective network providers will send you a warning message, informing you if your device is sending out ridiculous amounts of texts. 
  2.  You might receive text messages and calls from unknown numbers inquiring about the messages you sent their way. 
  3. If your smartphone device has an application that looks like a blue cassette in a yellow envelope named "Voicemail." Unfortunately, it means you are infected and infecting others.

FluBot Malware Removal

First, Using Android's safe boot, you can manually deactivate FluBot from your smartphone devices, although it actively defends itself from deletion. Hold down the power button and restart your phone in safe mode, indicating that you want to do so. Second, look for the malicious software in the system settings and uninstall it.

Despite the rampant news regarding FluBot surfacing through SMS, also note that there have been numerous accounts of FluBot malware spreading through email in the forms of links of websites and malicious attachments, fake software updates, and multiple questionable downloadable programs and files. 

FluBot is a complicated and threatening malware to have and to spread. Here are the following precautionary steps to prevent yourself from getting infected:

  1. To avoid getting caught up with the FluBot malware, only download software and programs through legitimate business accounts and sources. 
  2. Unsolicited messages in your email that include dubious links and attachments should not be downloaded especially from an unknown sender. 
  3. Installed programs must be updated and activated using methods provided by their developers. Third-party tools that aren't officially recognized are frequently malicious. Similarly, utilizing 'cracking' tools or pirated software to circumvent the activation of any licensed software is prohibited.
  4. Furthermore, your device should be equipped with respectable antivirus or anti-spyware software, which should be used to check the device regularly.

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