Want to Save Your Photos Before Deleting Facebook? 8 Easy Steps to Download Your Files

Want to Save Your Photos Before Deleting Facebook? 7 Easy Steps to Download Your Files
These are simple steps on how to delete a Facebook account without permanently losing all our Facebook photos. Photo : CHRIS DELMAS / Getty Images

Facebook has a great influence on everyone. Most of the time it brings you closer to your friends and family. However, there are times that Facebook brings negative effects and threats to people, and when things get worse, a user may want to permanently delete thor Facebook account.

But how do you keep your Facebook photos before deleting your Facebook account?

Facebook got your back! With a few clicks, a user can download all their Facebook information including Facebook photos before taping the Facebook delete account button.

There are the 7 easy steps to download a copy of your FB data. Here's how it works (courtesy of Pocket Lint):

  1. Log in to your Facebook account on the desktop.

  2. After, click the top right arrow on your Facebook.

  3. This will show a few options, click the Settings and Privacy and choose Settings.

  4. Then, click the Your Facebook Information in the side menu of the page, which can be found in the third line.

  5. Besides the Download Your Information, click View, it can be found on the right side of your screen.

  6. You will be presented by categories of your Facebook data upon your request. Through this, you can select or deselect the data you want to have. You can choose the format of your download request, which is HTML or JSON. You can also choose the quality of your Facebook photos and videos, and specify the date range of the data you want to download.

  7. Below, there are categories that you can check to further choose all the data you want to have. If you wish to save your Facebook photos, make sure that you check the box corresponding to your photos which may include FB posts, or stories.

  8. Finally, you can download the copy by going to the Available Copies section and click the download button and type in your password. Wait for it to finish downloading, and when it's done you are good to go.

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Facebook Delete Account: How?

Now that you have downloaded your Facebook photos, how can you permanently delete your FB account?

There are 5 steps to delete your Facebook, thanks to CNET:

  1. First, you should disconnect all the other applications and logins that are connected with your Facebook account. To do this, log in to Facebook and click the settings button found on the upper right corner. Then, go to Apps and websites and remove all the applications.

  2. In the Facebook homepage, click the arrow on the upper right, and choose the Settings button. After, in the side menu, click the Your Facebook Information then choose the Deactivation and Deletion. Then, choose Permanently Delete Account. 

  3.  To confirm the Facebook account deletion, click the Delete account button.

  4. Next, you should choose and utilize another social media application or messaging in order for the people to have an online communication with you. Don't forget to tell your loved ones!

  5. Finally, you can now uninstall your Facebook app on all your devices.

After deleting your FB account, you have an option to go back and retrieve your Facebook account for 30 days only. This can be done through logging in again to your Facebook and click the Cancel Deletion button to confirm the request.

Facebook will usually take a maximum of 90 days to delete all your Facebook information from all their servers. After that period, it can never be restored again, and if you wish to go back to Facebook, you need to create a new account.


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