PS5 Overheating Issue: 5 Warning Signs, 7 Ways to Fix the Major Problem

PS5 Overheating Issue: 5 Warning Signs, 7 Ways to Fix the Major Problem
PS5 overheating is a common problem numerous players encounter on a day-to-day basis. Written here are some of the quick fixes for Sony’s PlayStation 5 overheating. Photo : YELIM LEE / Getty Images

Playing PlayStation 5 by yourself or with your friends gives you the sensation of easily getting caught up in a certain game.

However, it might not just be the only one contributing to heat and intensity build-up. As you play, your PS5TM will naturally warm up.

Excessive PS5 overheating, on the other hand, can slow down your system, cause damage, or even signal game over for you and your PlayStation if your console doesn't have enough ventilation to cool itself down.

Every day, experts assist individuals with all of their technological demands, and fixing PS5 issues is no exception.

Here's what they want you to know about your PS5 overheating, as well as their suggested PS5 overheating remedies that will also work on a PS4.

PS5 Overheating Signs

Your PlayStation 5 could overheat for a variety of reasons.

For one, clogged air vents can be caused by debris such as lint, fur, or dust. In addition, if you keep your console in a cabinet or a small space with poor ventilation, you may have poor airflow.

Graphically demanding games consume a lot of power and they can also cause your PS5 to overheat.

These are some indicators signaling that our PlayStation 5 has overheating issues:

  • If you touch your PlayStation 5, the console gets really warm. If this happens, this might be a silent implication that "Your PS5 is too hot."

  • The fan is always running or creating loud, strange noises.

  • Your games are slow to load or take an unusually long period of time to load. The game may occasionally freeze.

  • While playing, white or black spots or streaks will occur.

  • The color of your screen changes to white, black, purple, or green.

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How to fix an overheating PS5

According to Asurion, these are the following steps to fix PS5 overheating issues or prevent them from occurring in the first place.

However, if you happen to have the same problem with your PS4 overheating, this same PS5 Overheating fix will be beneficial as well.

  • To avoid dust accumulation, keep the area around your games and console clean.

  • Do not keep your PlayStation5 in a cabinet or enclosed space, and keep it at least four inches away from any wall surfaces.

  • Vacuum the vents lightly to prevent dust or debris from obstructing airflow.

  • Keep your system away from rugs, carpets, and mats.

  • Covering your PS5, especially any of the vents, is not a good idea.

  • Check the vents for blockages if the fan is running regularly or loudly.

  • Pets should not be allowed to lay on or near your console.

Sony Customer Support

According Best Gaming Tips, if the issue still prevails and continues to western, you can contact Sony Customer Service.

Contact Sony Support if the overheating signal appears frequently on the screen or persists even after you turn the PS5 off overnight. Give the support agents as much information as possible and follow their directions.

Check to see whether the console is emitting hot air. If it's genuinely blowing out cool air, the hot air is still trapped inside. And this is a major issue.


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