What is the Digital Upgrade the UK is Undergoing?

What is the Digital Upgrade the UK is Undergoing?
Photo : What is the Digital Upgrade the UK is Undergoing?

The transition to an all IP network is happening worldwide. Openreach has declared they will be switching off their existing PSTN and ISDN network by 2025 and switching to a single IP network. That means businesses across the UK will no longer have access to their traditional telephony and will have to switch to a digital solution. You might think you have plenty of time to switch, so why change now? To avoid the sudden shock of disruption or to make your business communication smoother, now is the best time to make a change. 


For small businesses, it is time to level up and become digital. At bOnline, we believe those businesses that adapt to the environment digitally can grow faster. Having a digital mindset means having a recipe for success. 

Why bOnline should be the first choice for your small business?

bOnline is here to provide small businesses with everything to get started online. From broadband, fibre internet services, website creation to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone services, bOnline does it all. The only company in the UK that solely focuses on micro-businesses, bOnline aims to create a digital-first approach for every small business. 

For every small business owner, the VoIP phone system proves to be a revolutionary all-in-one technology that offers flexibility and mobility without restricting you to your office space. It is a comprehensive system providing clear and dynamic communication with inclusive HD virtual meetings through audio and video. Moreover, even if you are a sole trader or a company with ten employees, bOnline offers VoIP plans with 50+ features. Other features included in the VoIP phone system are call recording, call routing, forwarding and customised greetings. You think of any calling feature, and it is all included already! 

For all the small business owners who are worried about losing their number, the bOnline team has got you covered. It is possible to port any traditional PSTN to VoIP phone systems. The transfer process is simple. We do everything for you. Just contact us and we will take it from there. 

As far as those small businesses who are starting out and want to take a new phone number, bOnline gives customers the option to choose from the numerous numbers available.

How is bOnline better than other VoIP providers?

bOnline is not like any other legacy telecom provider. Being the next generation provider, it truly understands the needs of small business owners. The phone system by bOnline is designed for small business owners, not IT wizards. 

Get affordable plans 

The setup and maintenance costs of traditional phones is the primary reason for them being phased out. The sooner you realise that a VoIP phone doesn't incur any of these unnecessary charges, the more money you will be able to save. The stress of a business phone burning a hole in your pocket can be avoided with a bOnline VoIP phone system. 

The phone tariffs are as low as £9 per month. Moreover, the company offers bundle offers that include a phone system and an internet connection. Having one supplier can make sorting finances and tracking bills manageable for you. A single supplier for multiple things means more reliability and less trouble as the devices are guaranteed to be compatible with each other. 

Sign up in minutes

bOnline promotes a Do it yourself attitude. Setting up the phone takes a few minutes and then, you get to manage your bills/add-ons, all by yourself. The onboarding team makes sure that you clearly know all about how to use your product and services. 

Reshape your communication with multiple features

The digital upgrade to bOnline VoIP services will enable you to evolve your business communications using never before heard services. With 50+ features, modify the way you communicate with your co-workers and customers. 

There is always someone to listen

The best part about bOnline's services is that whenever there is any doubt/issue, the customers always are made to feel that they are heard. Even the slightest of the issue is handled with utmost attention and urgency. Hence, the customers' ratings on Google and Trustpilot are top-notch. 


To get the best phone system for your small business, contact bOnline today. bOnline also gives a 30-day love-it-guarantee. If you don't love them, the cancellations are hassle-free. Take the plunge and go digital with bOnline now!

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