Google Pixel 6 Finger Print Sensor Not Working: 3 Steps to Troubleshoot Issue

Google Pixel 6 Finger Print Sensor Not Working: 3 Steps to Troubleshoot Issue
Google Pixel 6 Finger Print Sensor Not Working? Google has received multiple complaints against Google Pixel 6 device. These are steps for Google Pixel 6 users on how to troubleshoot fingerprints in their devices.
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Is your Google Pixel 6 finger print sensor not working? Google has received multiple complaints against its new Google Pixel 6 device with its fingerprint scanning, causing inconvenience to users.


Listed below are four causes on why your fingerprint is not scanning, and ways on how to resolve them, as recommended by Google.

Fingerprint Unlock not working on Pixel 6 & Pixel 6 Pro

Your fingerprint might not be scanning for a few reasons:

Unlocking in the broad sunlight of the outdoors

Users might experience problems scanning their fingerprint in direct sunlight. Covering the fingerprint sensor and firmly pressing and holding the fingerprint on it might also help unlock the device.

When the phone is asleep, the fingerprint sensor is unavailable.

Users can alter their display settings so that the fingerprint sensor is always visible, even when it's turned off.

  1. Open the Settings app on your phone.
  2. Toggle between Display and Lock screen.
  3. Always show time and information is turned on.

Turn on Tap to Check Phone or Lift to Check Phone to improve access to the fingerprint sensor when your phone is sleeping.

Screen protector problems

It's possible that the screen protector is preventing the fingerprint from scanning. Make sure to use a screen protector that's been certified by Google as Made for Google.

Zagg, Otterbox, and Panzerglass are among the Made for Google authorized brands for the Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6.

The fingerprint is not being scanned by the fingerprint sensor.

Try these troubleshooting procedures to resolve issues:

  • Install the most recent Android update. Learn how to check and upgrade the Android version on your device.
  • Make sure the finger is firmly pressed against the sensor until the phone unlocks.
  • Make sure the display is free of dirt and smudges.
  • Make sure that users are using the same finger as used to sign up for Fingerprint Unlock. Follow the instructions to set up a fingerprint. Users can add up to 5 fingerprints.
  • If fingers are overly dry, moisturize them or re-enroll your fingerprints.

When none of the above solutions work, remove your current fingerprint and re-enroll it using the methods for setting up a fingerprint.

When you re-enroll, ensure to capture the edges and tips of your fingerprint.

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Fingerprint not accepted

If your fingerprint was not approved, the following steps should be taken:

  • Use a PIN, pattern, or password that you have on hand as a backup.
  • Follow these procedures to get into your phone if you can't recall your backup.

You can make your fingerprint more likely to be accepted after you get back into your phone:

  • When unlocking your phone, be sure to hold it in the same way you regularly do. Hold your phone, for example, with the screen facing you.
  • In case a finger is wounded, add up to 5 fingerprints.

The option to lock the screen has been disabled

The phone administrator may demand an alternative screen lock method if users get a notice on the fingerprint settings page that says "Screen lock option disabled."

If users have a work account on their phone, for example, they may be required to enter a PIN, pattern, or password.

Contact the phone administrator to modify this.

Tip: The user's fingerprint can still be used to authenticate purchases and unlock some apps.


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