Will 'Farmville' Become an NFT Game?

Will 'Farmville' Become an NFT Game?
Zygna recently announced the upcoming integration of NFTs in its existing portfolio. Fans are now asking if they can earn crypto in "Farmville." Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Zygna recently announced the upcoming integration of NFTs in its existing portfolio. Fans are now asking if they can earn crypto in "Farmville."

The game developer Zynga, best known for its games like "Farmvile" and "CSR Racing" series, teased their exciting plans for the future. They said the company would be "early adopters" to the emerging platforms and technologies, implying the cryptocurrency industry and its blockchain system.

Zynga to Create, Embrace NFT Games?

According to TechCrunch, CEO Frank Gibeau said, "we (are) a social game company that believes it's more fun to play games together than by yourself. So as part of our culture, we like to innovate and try new things."

He emphasized that missing out on a new game experience can be depressing, so they are looking at the NFT market potential as soon as possible.

To help with their transition on the new platform, Zynga hired former EA executive Matt Wolf and assigned him as the vice president for the new blockchain gaming division. He will oversee the development of NFT and blockchain technology on their pre-existing and incoming games.

Keep in mind that Zynga is a big organization that specializes in online games. Like "Farmville," most of its games already have features like friend lists, leaderboards, and energy systems. All of these functions are essential for NFT-based games.

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Zynga Third Quarter Revenue Reaches $705 Million

Another reason for Zynga's bold new project is its amazing third-quarter revenue of $705 million. This is a 40 percent gain when compared to last year's performance, per TechCrunch. Its mobile audience also reached 183 million active monthly users, up by 120 percent year over year.

This is a clear improvement compared to the 30 percent sell-off on August 5 markets. Gibeau announced that the company finally recovered its losses and is now using its extra earned money for new game productions. They believe that NFT-based games will let them access a unique marketing niche.

Can You Earn Crypto in Farmville?

Unfortunately, Zynga and its representatives did not elaborate on their ideas for the NFT-based games. The team said blockchain technology would be integrated in its "existing portfolio," but it never listed the specific game names. There is no assurance that "Farmville" is included in the update.

Regardless, it is worth noting that many in the gaming industry is adopting NFT-based systems. According to Cointelegraph, Andrew Wilson, Electronic Arts CEO, said that collectible digital content will be important to the future of gaming. Ubisoft, the "Assassin's Creed" publisher, also showed some interest in the potential of blockchain games.

Wolf said Zynga's evolution might deliver a new and innovative gaming experience. "By creating an integrated experience that enables players to become owners in their gaming journey, our goal is to expand Zynga's audience reach and drive stronger engagement and retention," per Cointelegraph.

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