Top 5 Best Ark Hosting That You Must Try

Top 5 Best Ark Hosting That You Must Try
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ARK: Survival Evolved is one of the most popular sandbox games in the world. How many of you have thought about running your own Ark server? It's never been easier! We've compiled a list of the absolute best hosts in the industry.!

From raising powerful dinosaurs to cruising creatures and struggling for sustenance, the ARK: Survival Evolved games offer a compelling mix of wonders and competitive obstacles.

In ARK: Survival Evolved, you will be able to choose your character and move up to be among the game's finest competitors. As with every other experience-based gaming, as you gain expertise and skill-up, you can unlock additional equipment, weapons, talents, and resources.

If anyone would like to enjoy ARK: Survival Evolved available on the internet with their family members and colleagues, then Get ARK Survival Evolved Server Hosting.

We have therefore narrowed down the top Ark server hosting solutions for a pleasant gameplay session.

Because ARK is really a resource-intensive game, it performs best on specialized servers that provide the capabilities and hosting features that a typical web host doesn't quite. Therefore in response, we have compiled a selection of the finest ARK server hosting tools to assist you in interacting with so many other gamers more quickly and with much less delay.

1. ServerBlend

With ServerBlend, you can play all of the newest mods at an unbelievable price. TcAdmin is a consumer-friendly and customizable control panel that includes various utilities that are only accessible at ServerBlend.

With just a click of the mouse, you may download modifications and API extensions. It also includes a settings editor as well as a command-line editor, allowing you to manage anything. The finest game performance and minimum latency are ensured by the high-quality connection with intrusion prevention.

You have the opportunity to select the equipment that best suits your requirements from a variety of possibilities and to modify them at any time. You can choose from 13 different server locations, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and various other locations.

ServerBlend is indubitably the top choice, considering its industry-leading customer service, top-of-the-line hardware, and easy-to-use game panels.

2. Indifferent Broccoli

It is a corporation that hosts servers for players with unique characters. Excellent technology (minimum lag), a custom-built admin console, and excellent client support for their offbeat identity. They'll make sure your ARK journey raising dinosaurs goes smoothly.

Indifferent Broccoli's customer-first approach is a crucial asset. Their customer service representatives are kind and fast to answer. They'll address queries, install mods, put in place your Genesis 2 map, and troubleshoot if something bad happens if you contact them through Discord or email.

They also provide a two-day trial version, so you may check it out before purchasing. You may start your ARK server with a tap of the mouse and without having to submit any financial information.

They offer alternatives to decrease lag everywhere you go, including server sites in North America and Europe.

If you are searching for a nice, efficient, and successful server host for the ARK servers, offer Indifferent Broccoli a shot. They provide a two-day trial version, after which they charge $12 per month for an ARK server with eight players.


LOW.MS is a popular gaming server hosting service that has helped hundreds of users all around the planet. Their cutting-edge gear, low latencies, and unparalleled client service elevate your game pleasure to new heights.


●       Intel's newest 5GHz processors are paired with strong SSDs and DDR4 memory.

●       Rapid rollout

●       All sites have 10Gbps DDoS threat security, whereas London has up to 50Gbps intrusion avoidance.

●       Paying methods that are safe

●       They currently operate servers in 12 different places throughout the world, including four in Europe, six in the United States, and two in Asia/Oceania. South Africa, South America, Italy, and Russia are among the countries where they intend to expand.

4. Shockbyte

Shockbyte has been hosting game servers for millions of gamers ever since beginning in 2013. Therefore, due to its high-quality operation and assistance, it has hosted over 100,000 game servers and has established a grip in the gameplay server industry.

It makes use of strong technology and provides a number of useful functions at a low price. You can apply for a return at any moment within 24 hours if their offerings do not meet your standards.

Simply select the ARK game, the number of participants, and complete the purchase to get begun. Their staff will instantly register your server, allowing you to add your contacts via the specified IP address. Shockbyte lets you configure your server with its user-friendly control center and access server files via FTP.

Automated modification download and setup are among the extra advantages you get.

Would you like to improve your plan?

Simply place your payment, and so they will immediately implement the new package without deleting any information or preferences. Shockbyte claims 99.9% uptime, regular upgrades, and restorations, as well as a complimentary subdomain, server interface, and DDoS security.

Steam Workshop mods, DLC maps, and customized maps are all supported. Simply select your modules, and their staff will instantly deploy those on your server. If you get confused, you can get assistance from the 24/7 service team via email and chat assistance, or you can look into their Knowledge Base or YouTube lessons.

5. GPortal

It is your server, so make your own laws!

GPortal aims for this and gives you complete management over your game server. It allows you to purchase a server instantly via Gamecloud's high-end prepaid packages, while you may also pick a subscription-based option. It suggests that you are not required to enter into an agreement and that you are allowed to transfer games at any point during their subscription period.

Setup is quick, and your servers can be up and running in as few as three minutes. Their servers provide excellent speed and minimal latency. They have capacities spanning between 10 and 27 available, as well as full RCON, an internet interface, and FTP connectivity. Corero provides DDoS protection, and client service is accessible by phone, mail, and complaint. You can enjoy a variety of mods, including ARK Genesis, Valguero, and others.

Their server sites are in Germany, Moscow, and London, respectively. Additionally, PayPal, card payments, and other payment options are available via a protected transaction portal.


When looking for the best ARK server hosting, you'll see that there are numerous solutions accessible. Nevertheless, there are several features to watch for in an ARK server, if you want to acquire the best ARK server hosting money can buy. Once you have gone through all the options that are available and have found one that meets all your requirements, you can go ahead with it. Thus you will get your best ARK hosting.

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